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300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment


Modern pig farms have a lot of investment. Therefore, before building a pig farm, it is reasonable to know how much equipment needs to be invested. Take the pig of 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment as an example to give you a reference. Calculate your approximate investment and reduce unnecessary waste.300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

1.Basic data of 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

① The nature and scale are 300 sows and provide pigs to the market. The introduction of large binary sows, Duroc boar and its artificial insemination for ternary hybrid pig breeding.

② The main production indicators are that the service life of male and female pigs is 4 years, the annual elimination rate is 25%, and the conception rate of 300 sows during estrus is 85%;

The oestrus time of 300 sows after weaning was 10days;Lactation time: 35 days; The ratio of male to female is 1:30.

Breeding cycle of 300 sows =114+35+10+21×(1-pregnancy rate during estrus) =159+21 × (1-85%) =162.2 days;

Annual litter size =365/162.2=2.25 tires / year;

There are 9 live births per fetus, with a survival rate of 90% during lactation, 95% during nursery and 98% during fattening.

2.Composition of 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

① Breeding boar perennial breeding stock =300×1/30 = 10 heads

② Feeding days of empty sows = days of re estrus after weaning + 21 days of observation after breeding + average days of return to estrus =34.2 days, number of herds =300×2.25× 34.2/365=66 heads.

③ Pregnant sows are confirmed to be sows from pregnancy to 1 week before delivery. The feeding days are 86 days, and the number of herds =300×2.25×86/365=160 heads.

④ For sows from 7 days before delivery to weaning, the feeding days are 7 days + 35 days after weaning =42 days, and the number of herds =300×2.25×42/365=78 heads.

⑤ The feeding days of suckling piglets from birth to weaning are 35 days, and the number of herds =300×2.25×9×0.9×35/365=525 heads.

⑥ Nursing piglets weaned to 70 days old, feeding days 35 days, number of herds =300×2.25×9×0.9×0.95×35/365=498 heads

⑦ Fattening pigs: pigs from 71 to 180 days old, feeding days: 110 days, number of herds =300× 2.25×9×0.9×0.95×0.98×110/365=1534 heads.

⑧ Backup boar 10×25%×1.5 = 4 head.

⑨ Backup sow 300×25%×1.2 = 90 heads.

From the above, the perennial stock of 300 sows =2965 heads.

Fattening pigs every year =300×2.25×9×0.9×0.95×0.98 = 5090 heads

Sales rate = number of sales / number of sales×100%=5090/2965×100%=171.7%。

3.Turnover of all kinds of pigs in 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

Using the three-stage production process, pregnant sows are transferred to nursing houses 7 days before delivery. After weaning, piglets are transferred to nursing houses for 70 days, and then transferred to fattening houses for 180 days. After weaning, the sows are transferred to the empty sow house, and after pregnancy is confirmed, they are transferred to the pregnancy pig house. The backup boar can set up a circle in the boar house, and the backup sow can set up a separate pig house.

4.Number of pig crates in 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment(solution)

To determine the number of pigsty (the area and specification of pigsty) needs to determine the number of pigsty. The number of pigsty is determined according to the number of hogs in each kind of pigsty and the number of pigs per lap.

① Breeding boars raise 10 boars all year round, with 4 boar per lap, requiring 14 hurdles; One reserve boar needs one hurdle, a total of four hurdles.

② There are 90 reserve sows, 8 in each column, and 12 columns are needed.

③ Number of empty sows =300×2.25×(34.2+7) /365=76 heads, 5 heads per column, 25 columns are required.

④ Number of Gestation sows =300×2.25×(86+7) /365=172 heads, 172 positioning bars are required.

⑤ Number of lactating sows and piglets =300×2.25×(42+7) /365=90 heads, 90 columns are required.

⑥ Number of nursing piglets =300×2.25×(35+7) /365=78 heads, 78 columns are required.

⑦ Number of fattening pigs =300×2.25×(110+7) /365=216 heads, 216 columns are required.

5.Number of pig houses in 300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment

The types of pig houses include male pig houses, backup female pig houses, empty female pig houses, pregnant female pig houses, lactating female pig houses and nursing houses, fattening houses, etc.

① Breeding boars, backup sows, backup boars and empty sows are raised on the ground, which requires 14 pig crates, 12 pig crates, and a total of 28 pig crates . They can be arranged in a house, and the pig crates is 3m×4m。

② Gestation sows need 172 Gestation crates, Gestation crates: 0.65m×2.2m。

③ Lactating sows and piglets need 90 columns, and the field specification is 1.8m×2.4m。

④ 78 fields are required for piglet care, and the field specification is 3m×3m。

⑤ For fattening, 216 Fattening Crates, and the Fattening Crate is 3m×4m。

The data in this “300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment ” article is the basic data obtained from a large number of experimental data, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation. This “300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment” article talks about all kinds of pigsty, and there is no feeding system, feeding line, Silo, and environmental control system involved here. This “300 Sows Pig Farm Equipment” article talks about the most basic equipment.

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