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3 control measures for pig farm environment


With the rapid development of society, the pig raising mode is changing to intensive and large-scale, and the raising level is constantly improving.

Environmental factors are one of the important factors affecting pig production.

At present, most pig farms are relatively large-scale and intensive, and the production area planning and production process are relatively reasonable.

However, there are still some problems in the control measures for pig farm environment.

pig farm environment

(1)Control measures for pig farm environment

pig farm environment is an important factor affecting the survival rate of piglets.

Too low temperature will cause the resistance of piglets to decline and cause diseases.

According to the pig farm environment parameter management standard of large-scale pig farms,

the temperature of the nursery must be controlled at 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, and low or high temperature is not conducive to the growth and development of piglets.

The humidity of pigsty is also an important factor affecting the growth and development of piglets.

Low temperature and high humidity can easily lead to respiratory and digestive system diseases of piglets.

When the humidity of the pig house is more than 80%, it will lead to a large number of pathogenic bacteria and increase the incidence rate of respiratory diseases.

The high concentration of ammonia and carbon dioxide in the pig house will also slow down the growth and development of pigs.

(2) strengthen environmental control of pig house

2.1 reduce harmful gas emissions

Ammonia mainly comes from the urine and feces of pigs, and the concentration is similar to that in urine

The content of ammonia in feces and the temperature of feces and urine.

To reduce the ammonia emission in the pig house, it is necessary to reduce the urea content, fecal area, pH and temperature, reasonably use the floor type of the pig house, improve the feeding method, and timely remove the feces in the pig house.

The floor of the pig house shall be concrete leaky floor, which can be made into a curved section to minimize fecal adhesion.

The feces in the pig house shall be cleaned in time, and the cleaning frequency shall be increased according to the production status of feces.

In addition, adjust the composition of the diet, reduce the content of protein in the diet, and increase the content of non starch polysaccharides to effectively reduce control measures for pig farm environment.

2.2 strengthen heating and ventilation of pig house

In winter in northern areas, the pigsty needs heating to ensure the healthy growth of pigs, and the heating must be appropriate at the same time

In order to ensure that the pig house maintains sufficient indoor temperature in winter, some pig farms often control the ventilation in the pig house to the minimum.

Due to insufficient pig farm environment, the air quality in the pig house becomes poor, which will harm the growth and development of pigs.

In order to ensure good ventilation and maintain the temperature in the pig house, it is necessary to improve the thermal insulation performance of the pig house and build an energy-saving pig house.

The combination of ventilation and air distribution technology and heating in the pig house can be adopted to  pig farm environment, humidity and harmful gas concentration in the pig house at the normal level and reduce the harm to pigs.

2.3 improve thermal insulation and cooling facilities

The temperature in the pig house is related to the heating mode, feeding density, the tightness of the pig house and ventilation.

Natural or mechanical ventilation is the main way to cool down the pig house in summer.

In addition, increasing cooling equipment and reducing feeding density can also reduce heat stress.

It is very important to improve the thermal insulation effect of the wall and roof in the construction of pigsty.

The composite structural materials with good thermal insulation effect and light color luminescence are often used on the roof.

In addition, ventilation, water spraying, air conditioning and other cooling methods can be used in summer when the temperature is high.

If the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, temperature reduction measures shall be taken for the pig house. The specific cooling method shall be

According to the actual situation of the pig farm, the water source heat pump central air conditioning is often used for the breeding boar to cool down in summer,

It can also provide ventilation and dehumidification functions in winter heating.Cooling Equipment for Pig Farms

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