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4 Pig-Crates and Pig Farm Design


Today, we analyze the pig farm design scheme based on 100 sows, how to calculate, how to value, and the introduction of the four kinds of pig-crates used, and understand their basic definitions and advantages and uses 

一、 Basic data:

100= number of pigs of planned commodity x163 ÷ (365x9x90%x95%x98%)                  Planned number of pigs =1688

  1. Number of sows = number of planned commercial pigs x breeding cycle ÷ (365x live litter x delivery room%x conservation%x fattening%)
  2. Number of boars: this cross =100×1/25=4, artificial insemination =100×1/30=3
  3. Number of backup sows to be supplemented throughout the year =100×1/3=33
  4. Number of pregnant sows: 100×2.2x (114-7-21) ÷ 365=51
  5. Number of lactating sows: 100×2.2x (28+7) ÷ 365=21
  6. Number of suckling piglets: 100×2.2×90%x28x9 ÷ 365=136
  7. Number of maternity beds: 100x2x40 ÷ 365=22
  8. Conservation column: 100x2x9x45 ÷ 365 ÷ 10=23 sheets
  9. Positioning bar: (365-7-30) x2x100 ÷ 365=180 (positioning bar is used in the whole process)
  10. Fattening column: 100x2x98%x9x113 ÷ 365 ÷ 10=55

Values of relevant parameters: 2.2 sows per year, 9 piglets per litter, 163 days of slaughter cycle, 90% production survival rate, 95% conservation survival rate, and 98% fattening survival rate.


二、Four Pig-Crates

  1. Gestation crates is used for empty sows, pregnant sows, which can effectively avoid pregnant sow fight for food, biting, it is conducive to sow miscarriage, while it is also  easy for quantitive feeding, watering, cleaning, and scouring.Since the feeding, watering and fecal treatment are very concentrated, so weaning crate shares small footprint, less sewage generated, easy to achieve mechanized management.Gestation crate design is also used for boars.

Advantages: robot welding, high cracking resistance, high durability, overall galvanization, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life,    excellent production, smooth appearance, no burr, effectively prevent scratches, humanized double door design, convenient for artificial fertilization The standard field size of sow is 2200*650*1000mm, the standard field size of boar is 2400*1200*700mm, and other sizes are customized by customers


  1. Farrowing crates is designed specifically for sows to feed and nurture piglets. It can effectively prevent sows from accidentally stepping on piglets.Also, farrowing crates provide a cooler area for the sow and warmer areas for the young pigs.  The flooring is designed to keep the pigs dry which reduces the spread of enteric diseases. Farrowing crates also allow the pork producer to assist in the birth process of pigs.Farrowing crates mainly includes the galvanized metal fence, stainless steel trough, sow and pig drinker,  metal and plastic flooring, insulation lamp, insulation cover and other components

Advantages: The pig-crates can be adjusted according to the sow size and parity to prevent the sow from pressing the piglet. There is a free passage at the back of the delivery bar to facilitate the piglet movement. The fence adopts PVC plastic steel plate, with smooth surface and no burr, which will not scratch the piglet, effectively block the spread of bacteria, high mechanical strength, good heat preservation effect, and reduce the diarrhea and diarrhea rate of piglets. The standard size of the delivery bar is 2400*1800*1000mm, and other sizes can be customized


  1. Weaning crates is called weaning stall, it is  specialy designed to raising the new weaning piglets, usually the same nest piglets will stay in the same weaning crate, single set weaning crate can keep 20 piglets; When weight is above 35 kg, the piglets will switch to fattening crates.  Weaning crates is mainly composed of galvanized steel frame, PVC fence, stainless steel trough, drinking device, plastic floor and supporting beam. Generally, the adjacent area can share a double-sided stainless steel trough and PVC fenceAdvantages: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, floor: semi leaky floor design, no feces and urine, keep the bed dry and sanitary; The semi leaky floor is combined with the floor heating, and the full PVC fence is used. The length and width of the fence is 3:2. The fence door can be opened and closed as a whole. The PVC fence design not only plays the role of heat preservation, but also facilitates disinfection. The size of the fence is 3600*2500*650mm, and other sizes can be customized by customers
  2. Fattening crates is a feeding fence designed for fattening pigs. Due to the large population in the fence at the stage of breeding and fattening, the fattening fence has the characteristics of high intensity and large area.

Advantages: The pig-crates is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. The dry and wet material trough is used in the fattening bed to achieve dry and wet separation, and supply pig feed and drinking water at the same time. The standard size of the fattening column is 6500*4800*950mm, and other sizes can be customized.


The above is the design scheme of 100 sows and the introduction of the four kinds of pig-crates used, and understand their basic definitions and advantages and uses. The scheme can also be customized according to the actual situation of customers.

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