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piglets: 8 selection techniques and 5 weight gain methods


The quality of piglet is directly related to the speed of weight gain, feed utilization rate and disease resistance of pigs in the growth and fattening period. Therefore, in order to raise pigs well, we must attach great importance to the purchase of excellent piglets.piglets

(1)Eight selection techniques for piglet

1. Select the littermates and large piglets. When buying pigs, it is best to choose the piglets of the same litter, because the piglets of the same litter do not bite, can live in harmony, are easy to raise, and grow fast. It is better to choose the bigger one, because the smallest one in the litter is generally weak.

2. Look at my mental state. Healthy piglets have large eyes, lively and active, have a sense of fear when seeing people, stand up quickly, stand naturally, walk light and healthy, and look around alertly when strangers approach.

3. Observe the feeding and drinking conditions. The appetite of healthy piglets is proportional to the daily gain. When feeding, they feel hungry and scream. They scramble to eat. They put their mouths into the bottom of the food grains, swallow in large gulps, and make a rhythmic and crisp rattle. They eat forcefully. After eating, they drink regularly.

4. Look at the tail posture of the piglet when standing. When a healthy pig stands, the tail tip curls and swings freely with rhythm. When the sick pigs stand, their tails droop and do not move.

5. Look at the head of the piglet. The head is large and wide, the mouth is short and wide, the nostrils are large, the nasal disc is wet, the conjunctiva is pink, and there is no secretion.

6. Look at the body of the piglet. The pigs with normal development of all parts have full muscles, strong physique and moderate body length.

7. Look at the feces and urine, anus and tail of piglets. The discharged feces fall on the ground, loose, soft and wet, in a cone shape section by section, and the urine is light or light yellow. There is no pollution and dry feces around the anus, otherwise it indicates that the pig has gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery. The tail is thick and short, swinging from side to side.

8. The legs and limbs of piglets are wide and strong, with high limbs and wide chest.piglets

(2)Five methods of piglet weight gain

1 citric acid weight gain British farmers add 30g citric acid to each kg of feed, which can increase the palatability of feed, improve the digestion and absorption ability of piglets to nutrients, improve the feed conversion rate, and increase the daily weight gain of piglets from 189 g to 216 G. This method is most suitable for feeding piglets weighing 5-10kg.

2 calcium formate weight gain Finnish farmers added 1.54g calcium formate to the feed of piglets in the first few weeks after weaning, so that the growth rate of piglets was increased by more than 12%, the feed conversion rate was up to 4%, and the incidence rate of piglets was reduced.

3 “moving” to gain weight American farmers have found that changing the circle of finishing pigs can increase the appetite and speed up the growth of pigs. It is not advisable to change the circle too frequently. It is advisable to change the circle once a month. The size and form of the circle should be basically the same. Each group of pigs should not be arbitrarily replaced or mixed with new pigs, otherwise the pigs will feel uneasy and even bite each other.

4. High protein gain: British farmers feed sows with high protein feed containing more than 18% crude protein to weaning period from 2 weeks before delivery; After weaning, they were fed low protein common feed. This can not only significantly improve the birth and weaning weight of piglets, reduce the prevalence rate, but also shorten the litter cycle of sows, and improve the conception rate and piglets.

5 copper element weight gain Japanese farmers can increase the daily gain of pigs by 6.7% and the feed utilization rate by 2% ~ 5% by adding appropriate amount of copper element to the feed mixed with antibiotics, and can inhibit the invasion of some bacteria to pigs and ensure the healthy growth of pigs.

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