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Blister manure fattening pig house


1、Bubble manure brief description(blister manure fattening solution)

 blister manure fattening

Water bubble manure is to build a manure storage tank of 1.5m deep in the lower part of the pig barn, adding 60-80cm of water before entering the pigs,

and the bed on the manure tank adopts full leakage seam or half leakage seam structure(blister manure fattening),

and the leakage floor of the half leakage seam structure should account for more than 60% of the area of the pig pen.

The smaller the leakage seam area is, the less obvious its labor-saving advantage is.

The common ones are cement and cast iron, and the cement leaking board is cheap, about 110 yuan per square meter, with a short service life.

Cast iron septic leaks are cheaper at about 300 yuan per square meter and have a longer service life and can be recycled, so owners can choose their own.

When choosing the leaky board, the gap of the chosen leaky board is different because the size of the toe of different pigs is different.

Leakage board slit size          Item Small pigs,          medium pigs,         large pigs,            breeding pigs

Slit width                        10mm                           18mm                      25mm                    25mm

When using half leaky board bed, the solid ground shall be designed into 3-5% slope, which is convenient for urine water to flow into the manure storage tank along the slope.

2、Sewage design

The 250mm PVC drainage pipe is buried under the manure storage tank, which is connected to the total manure storage tank outside the barn,

and a tee is buried in each pig house, so that when the pig house wants to discharge manure( blister manure fattening),

the vertical pipe can be directly pulled up to flow into the total manure tank.

3、Ventilation design

If there is no ventilation system in the manure storage tank, all the harmful gases produced will spread to the pig barn,

and these gases will not only deteriorate the working environment but also hurt the respiratory system of pigs.

So a fan should be designed in the cesspool dirt channel, and the ventilation should be taken at regular intervals in winter,

generally every 3-5 minutes for 30 seconds.

In summer, the ventilation system has a high ventilation volume to drain away the heat in the barn and play the purpose of cooling,

and the pig barn exhaust fan and the manure storage tank exhaust fan run at the same time.

The air inlet pipe is set under the eaves of pig house.

4、Automatic feeding system

When the feeding system is started, the feed will be continuously fed into the feed trough from the feed tower through the rotation of the spring,

and when the 18th feed trough is full, the feed will block the proximity switch and stop by itself.

When the 18th trough is full,the feed will block the proximity switch and stop by itself.

There is one feed tower for each pig house, and the feed is beaten into the feed tower by the feed cart.

5、Floor heating system

In winter, the temperature is low, and when the seedling pigs enter the fattening house, the required temperature is not reached,

so the ground ambient is designed, with carbon fiber ground ambient line, 6 meters per square meter, 20cm line interval,

external thermostat, temperature sensor inserted into the cement ground, and the temperature is set to 25-30 degrees.

Such a semi-automatic fattening house can raise 500 pigs per building, and each person can manage 4 such houses and raise 2,000 pigs per person,

and the work efficiency is more than doubled( blister manure fattening).

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