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2 important manure cleaning equipment

With the increase of environmental protection, the increase in the restricted area has made many pig farms aware of the severe nature of environmental protection. We all know that pig manure treatment is a problem that the pig farm needs to be solv……


Negative pressure fan and wet curtain-2 efficient pig farm cooling equipment

In summer, pig farms need to pay attention to cooling and ventilation, and how to effectively cool and ventilate. Negative pressure fan water curtain is a good choice. The negative pressure fan water curtain is a necessary equipment for the pig far……


Complete design scheme of modern pig farm

The construction of a modern pig farm involves many aspects, today we introduced from 7 major aspects, a complete modern pig farm design plan. 1 Environment Pig farm environment is one of the necessary factors for raising pigs, and it provides idea……


How to efficiently start a poultry layer farm?

In order to establish a successful and sustainable chicken farm project, you are required to have enough knowledge. How to start a poultry layer farm? And there are some basic things you need to do before you get into the egg production business. I……


Code for design of 4 common pig raising equipment

The design and manufacture of common pig raising equipment in large-scale chemical plants is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive process. This paper introduces some commonly used equipment from the perspective of animal husbandry and veterinary ……


Discussion on pig pulmonary disease-4 effective measures

There will be various diseases during the growth of pigs、Today I would like to talk about pig pulmonary disease.Porcine pulmonary disease, also known as pasteurellosis, hemorrhagic septicemia, swollen neck plague, and throat lock wind, is an acute……


Timely treatment of sow dystocia

Sow dystocia can be encountered by many farmers. If the treatment is not timely, it will cause the death of piglets. If it is serious, it will cause the death of both mothers and children, causing serious economic losses to the pig farm. (1)Symp……


Focus on Pig 2 Toxins

There is a lot of rain in summer, and the weather is hot, hot and humid. Pigs get sick easily. Today we will talk about the production of endotoxin in pigs. In our livestock breeding and production, livestock and poultry are infected with Escherich……


Effective 9 European Tips To Increases Pig Weight

To improve the efficiency of pig farms, in the final analysis, is to increase the production of pig farms. The litter yield and meat yield are hard indicators. Today, we share 9 European tips to increases pig weight, hoping to help your pig farm. ……


4 Important Measures To Enhance Pig Farm Efficiency

With the continuous change of farming cycle, especially under the support of environmental protection, the scale up process is accelerated. How to enhance the profitability of pig farm and improve the economic efficiency of pig farming has become a……


Blister manure fattening pig house

1、Bubble manure brief description(blister manure fattening solution) Water bubble manure is to build a manure storage tank of 1.5m deep in the lower part of the pig barn, adding 60-80cm of water before entering the pigs, and the bed on the manure……


Two kinds of necessary pig feeding equipment

Feeding is required for large pig farms, small and medium-sized pig farms. Today we will introduce the commonly used pig feeding equipment. (1) Feeding trough(pig feeding equipment) In the production of pigs, whether mechanical feeding or manua……


Six key points of raising finishing pigs

The raising of fattening pigs in modern pig farms is an important technology, so how to manage fattening pigs is to create profits for pig farms. “6 key points of raising finishing pigs” is to explain how to fatten. (1) selection of va……


2 type installation of silo and feed line

Installation Process(installation of silo) installation of silo 1.Install the deformation port and hopper(installation of silo) When installing the deformation port, pay attention to the feeding direction. When installing the hopper, put three hol……


3 control measures for pig farm environment

With the rapid development of society, the pig raising mode is changing to intensive and large-scale, and the raising level is constantly improving. Environmental factors are one of the important factors affecting pig production. At present, most p……

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