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500 sows breeding pig farm design principles of the general pig farm layout


Breeding pig farm design principles of the farm layout is one of the top important issues for the pig farm investors and engineers to consider, a scientific and reasonable breeding pig farm layout design can increase the pig production efficiency, while a bad layout design may cause a profound harmful effect to the farm running.

breeding pig farm design

Areas of the Breeding pig farm design

The breeding pig farm design area usually includes isolation houses, gilts houses, gestation crates houses, farrowing crates houses, nursery pens houses and other functional areas.

breeding pig farm design

The specific layout of breeding pig farm design shall follow the following principles:

  1. The office area includes buildings related to operation and management. It shall be located in the upwind of the pig farm and in the high-lying area, and shall be strictly separated from the production area to ensure a distance of more than 50 meters.
  2.  The auxiliary production area mainly includes the decontamination area, feed transfer area, sewage treatment area, organic fertilizer production area, power distribution room and road greening, which shall be arranged close to the production area. Hay warehouse, feed warehouse and feed processing and preparation workshop shall be located at a higher place downwind of the production area.
  3.  The production area mainly includes productive buildings of pig houses.The upwind position of the site area shall be set, and the personnel disinfection room, dressing room and vehicle disinfection pool shall be set at the entrance.The pig houses in the production area shall be reasonably arranged. The pig houses shall be kept at an appropriate distance and arranged neatly for epidemic prevention and fire prevention.
  4. The fecal sewage treatment and sick animal isolation area mainly includes veterinary room, isolated poultry house, dead pig treatment and fecal sewage storage and treatment facilities. It shall be set at the low place downwind of the production area, with a distance of more than 300 meters from the production area. Separate passages shall be provided in the septic and urine sewage treatment and sick animal isolation areas to facilitate isolation, disinfection and sewage treatment of sick pigs.

Pig houses of the Breeding pig farm design

breeding pig farm design

Pig houses are the elementary structures for the modern breeding pig farm design, before you starting the pig house constructions, you have to consider the fellowing aspects for the pig houses:

  1. Pig house type: fully open pig house is selected, with simple structure, no walls, columns and beams, and solid ceiling structure.
  2. Foundation: it shall have sufficient strength, stability and firmness to prevent foundation subsidence, collapse and crack inclination of buildings. Have a good dung cleaning and sewage discharge system.
  3. Roof: it can prevent the invasion of rain and sand, and isolate the solar radiation. It is required to be light, durable, waterproof, fireproof, heat insulation and thermal insulation; It can resist the influence of external factors such as rain, snow and strong wind.
  4. Ground: the ground of the pigsty shall be compact, solid, non slippery, elastic, easy to clean and disinfect, and have a good fecal cleaning and sewage drainage system.
  5. Door: the door of the pigsty is not less than 2m high and 2.2 ~ 2.4m wide. It is a pigsty facing south, and the East and West doors face the central passage.
  6. Requirements for construction technology of pigsty: the pigsty adopts double slope double row opposite head type. The size of feed channel, feed trough, cantilever and fecal and urine ditch shall meet the needs of pig physiology and production activities. Determine the size and specification of pig bed, neck flail, passage, dung and urine ditch, feeding trough, etc. according to the pig breed, individual size and needs.

Supporting facilities of the Breeding pig farm design


Power, water, drainage, fire fighting facilities, pig manure processing facilities are the key issues of the modern breeding farm design for consideration.

  1. Power: the power load of the farm is level 2, and its own generator set is provided.
  2. Water: there is enough production and drinking water in the pig farm to ensure that each pig uses 10 ~ 20 liters of water every day.
  3. Drainage: the rainwater in the site is discharged by open ditch, and the sewage is discharged by underground ditch and three-stage sedimentation system.
  4. Fire fighting facilities: economical, reasonable, safe and reliable fire fighting facilities shall be adopted. The fire prevention distance of each pigsty is 12M, and the distance between the haystack and the pigsty and other buildings shall be greater than 50m, and shall not be in the same dominant wind direction. Fire hydrants, fire pumps, fire pools and corresponding fire-fighting facilities shall be set within 20m of the forage warehouse and the processing workshop. On site roads can be used for fire fighting access, and the on-site roads and off-site roads shall be unblocked.
  5. Pig manure processing facilities: the manure shall be treated innocuously through the production of compound fertilizer project. The treatment location must be far away from various functional areas, not less than 400 meters from the surface water system, and should be located in the downwind or crosswind of the perennial dominant wind direction in the production and office areas of the farm.

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