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6 egg collection spares for automatic chicke cages


Mus Agro can supply complete chicken cage automatic egg collection spares,inlcudes egg conveyor belts,  egg belts pin,egg belts rollers, plastic egg collector, egg collect chains and gears,egg collector soft buffers and so on

egg collection spares

Egg conveyor belts  for egg collection system spares

Woven egg collecton belts have white collection belts and dark yellow perforated egg collection belts, both belts width can be customized according to the requirement,max. width can be up to 260mm, thickness can be 1.5mm or 2mm

chicken cage collection spares

woven egg conveyor belts


Perforated egg conveyor belt


Poly perforated egg belts 


Woven egg belts clip

Egg belt rollers for spares for egg collection system spares

The egg belt rollers can be faricated with different materials and sizes according to the design of different customers, like nylon rollers, rubber rollers, shaft sizes can be customerized too

chicken cage egg collection accessories

Egg belt rollers


Egg belt rubber rollers

Egg collector holders for egg collection system spares

chicken cage egg collection spares

L shape egg collector holders


U shape egg collector holders

Buffers spares for egg collection system spares


Silicon rubber buffer to protect eggs

Gears and chains for egg collection spares

Chians and gears for egg collector

Chians and gears for egg collector

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