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Egg conveyor belts for chicken layer cage egg collection system

Egg conveyor belts is one hot sale egg collection system product for different types of layer cages, egg belts can influnce the egg collection systme performance, a good quality egg collection belt can supply a soft contacting with egg and reduce the breakage rate of eggs,  at the meantime a good quality belts have a proper friction between the eggs and belts, which will keep the egg collectin smoothly, eliminate the circumstances of eggs trafic gathering in certain parts, so it is important to choose a better quality egg belts for your cages.

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Mus Agro is the manufacturer of different types egg conveyor belts, like white fabric woven egg collection belts, which is one type fabric wires woven egg conveyor belts,; perforated fabric weaven egg collection belt,which fatures perforated holes in the fabric egg conveyor belt surface;  as while as poly perforated egg collection belts, whih is one type plastic egg conveyor belts with perforated holes in the belt surface.

Mus Agro can fabricate the egg conveyor belts sizes and colors according to customer specific requirement, lots famous  poultry cage companies apply our egg belts for their chicken cages system

Fabric woven egg conveyor belts

The fabric woven egge collection belts use high-tenacity polypropylene wires as raw materials, main color is white, and the middle stripes and colors can be customized.

The egg belt width by our woven machine is up to 260mm, thickness can be 1.5mm or 2mm, length can be customized

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Perforated fabric woven egg conveyor belts

Perforated fabric  perforated belts use high-tenacity polypropylene wires as raw materials too, but the perforated holes can be fabricated in the belt surface, which can generate a good friction between the eggs and belts.

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Plastic poly perforated egg conveyor belts

Plastic poly perforated belts use polypropylene flat belts as raw materials, apply pouching machine to fabricate the perforated hole in the belt surface, both the hole , belt width and length can be customized



Advantages of Mus Agro egg conveyor belts

1. Polypropylene yarn has antibacterial and fungal effects, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance, which is not conducive to the breeding of Salmonella.

2. Polypropylene material has high toughness and low elongation,which can meet the chicken cage mechanical system requirement

3. Egg collection belt does not absorb water, is not limited by humidity, has good heat and cold resistance, and has strong climate adaptability.

4. The polypropylene yarn needs to be treated with ultraviolet rays and anti-static during the production process, so that the egg collecting belt is not easy to absorb dust.

5. The egg collecting belt absorbs the vibration of the eggs during the transmission process, reduces the breakage rate, and at the same time has the effect of cleaning the eggs.


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