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Feed silos manufacturer advanced production line

Feed silo is also name feed bin or feed bins in many different places, it is one key equipment for the automated feeding system for pig farm, chicken farm and diary farms.

There is full advanced production line in the factory of Mus Agro, includes feed bin body plate arc pressing, punching,and bending equipment, feed bins cone plate cutting, punching, bending,and hemming, feed bins support legs rolling and bending equipment, the advantages of these equipments are advanced equipment are high efficiency and accuracy

Mus Agro – feed silos manufacturer from China

As one experienced feed silos manufacturer, Mus Agro factory has one complete feed silo production line, which can produce over 10,000 big and small feed silos yearly

In the warehouse of Mus Agro factory, there are sufficient stock feed silos for sale,which can ensure a quick delivery time for customers in need

Feed silos manufacturer by Mus Agro all apply 275g per square meters high quality galvanized steel plates, all fastener apply high-strength alloy bolts, ensure the durable quality

Component parts of feed silos manufacturer

Feed silo plates includes top roof plates, around body plates and bottom cone plates, all assembled by bolts and nuts. Silo bin top aluminium cap can be turn on and off through man-hand by pulling stainless steel wires in the ground.

Two ventilation ports are installed on the top of the feed silo roof plates, which can discharge of the exhaust air out of the silo

Two transparent round view spot windows installed in the body plate and cone bottom plates of the silo bin, easy to check feeds volume

Six or eight support legs are installed around the feed silo body plates, stiffener pulling plates are cross installed between the silo bin support legs

Galvanized ladder with protective ring are installed on the silo bin body plates and top roof plates, convenient to workers for daily repairing and maintenance

Optional anti-blocking agitator cone can be installed in the feed silo bottom round opening, which can improve the feed falling uniformity and efficiency

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Feed silos manufacturer production procedures

  1. Feed bin body plate production: hot galvanized sheet will be cut and press arc groove firstly, then punching machine will make holes for bolts, neatly the feed bin body plate arc will be rolled up, there is film in the hot galvanized sheet, which can ensure the surface will not be scratched
  2. Feed bin cone plate production:hot galvanized sheet will cut in our laser cutting machine firstly, then punching machine will make holes for bolts, and then one bending machine will bend the hot galvanized plate with a radian, which can ensure the sealing and installing accuracy, the last step is the top cone plate edge radian rolling process, this step is one very important process to ensure the sealing and install convenience between the feed bin top cone plate and body plate, without such steps machining, feed bins will be hard to assemble in the farm site, and sealing quality can not guaranteed
  3. Feed bin leg production: hot galvanized plate is fabricated by one series rolling and pressing equipment, flat steel sheet will be cut and bending into the trapezoid  shape automatically, at the meantime the installing holes are formed along with the rolling and pressing process
  4. Climb ladder and protection hood ring production: climb ladder and protection hood ring are all produced by the hot galvanized steel sheet too, after cutting, punching and bending process, the ladders and hood ring will be finished

feed silos manufacturer

Outstanding advantages of feed silos manufacturer

Viewing spots– Convenient for operator to check out the feeds volume left inside the feed silo bin

Ventilation ports–Easy to exchange exhaust outside the silo bin to ensure proper temperature inside the bin

Excellent sealing–all plates joints of  feed bins are sealed with silicon mud, weatherproof, firm and long service life

Safety measures–Each step of the silo ladder is solid and non-slip, and is equipped with protective rings, ensure the worker safety

Weighing system– Optional weighing system can be installed under the feed silo support legs, accurate feeding volume data can be monitored

Anti-blocking agitator–Optional anti-blocking agitating cone improve the feed falling uniformity efficiency,  agitating without electric power


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