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Gestation Crate Introduction-4


I have introduced the two main fields of pig farms, which are “Weaning crates introduction” and “Farrowing crates introduction”. This article “Gestation crate introduction” gives you a detailed explanation of another field of pig farm equipment: Gestation crate.Gestation crate introduction

1-Front column;2-Fence door;3-Fence;4-Feeding trough

(1) Gestation Crate Introduction

Gestation crate is used for empty sows, pregnant sows, which can effectively avoid pregnant sow fight for food, biting, it is conducive to sow miscarriage, while it is also easy for quantitive feeding, watering, cleaning, and scouring.

Since the feeding, watering and fecal treatment are very concentrated, so weaning crate shares small footprint, less sewage generated, easy to achieve mechanized management.Gestation crate design is also used for boars.

Gestation crate features

1 Robot welding, high resistance to cracking and high durability

2 Overall galvanized, anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, long service life

3 Well maching, smooth appearance without burrs, effectively prevent scratches

4 Double-door design, convenient artificial insemination

5 Sow standard crate size 2200 * 650 * 1000mm, boar standard crate size is 2400*1200*700mm, other sizes to accept custom

(2) The composition of Gestation crate

The gestation crate is composed of the following four parts: Front column, Fence door, Fence and Feeding trough.

Material: Q235B overall hot-dip galvanizing, with the average thickness of zinc layer not less than 85μm. Stainless steel all-in-one trough, or a single trough, equipped with water level gauge, stainless steel drinking rod, and the floor is generally cement floor or BMC floor.Gestation Crate Introduction

The advantages and benefits for us are as follows

1、 Save space

The sow positioning bar is adopted in the breeding farm, which effectively reduces and reduces the floor area of the sow house in the pig farm, and greatly improves the utilization rate of the sow house area. The sow positioning fence is made of hot-dip galvanized pipe with a thickness of 2.5 and a thickness of 6. Strong and durable, not easy to corrode. The service life is much longer than that of ordinary cold galvanized pipe.

2、 Convenient management

Using the sow positioning bar, the staff is more convenient and efficient in the management, cleaning and epidemic prevention of sows. In addition, each pig contains a feed trough, which includes steel plate feed trough and stainless steel feed trough. The bottom of the feed trough is fixed with a three grip design, which effectively avoids the waste of feed caused by the excessive force of sows to arch over the feed trough.

3、 Improve utilization

Sow positioning bar can reduce the amount of exercise of sows. It is conceivable that it will improve the utilization rate of feed and avoid the physical waste caused by excessive exercise of sows.

4、 Improve productivity

With the sow positioning bar, there is no need to worry about injury or abortion caused by fighting with other pigs, which greatly improves the productivity of sows. This is a problem that directly affects the quantity and quality of piglets. We should pay attention to it and make every step for the production environment of sows.

However, every kind has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it controls the activity space of sows. If the amount of exercise is reduced, there will be limb weakness or limb disease. I think there are many advantages. Farmers can manage the pigsty on a large scale and save the area of the pigsty at the same time.

Through the content of “Gestation crate introduction”, we should understand the piglet nursery, its approximate size, components.

Through the content of “Gestation crate introduction”, we know the advantages and disadvantages of the gestation crate.

Through the content of “Gestation crate introduction”, We know the material of the gestation crate.

Through the content of “Gestation crate introduction”, We know that the positioning bar is very helpful to avoid biting and injury of sows, improve survival rate and reduce costs.

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