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Gestation crates for sow

Gestation crates for sow

Pig gestation crates is also called sow gestation crates,swine gestation crates, it is one widely used type pig stall in the modern pig farm
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As one experienced pig crates manufactuer, Mus Agro provide different types and styles of gestation crates, Europe pipe pig stall, America solid bar pig stall, China pig gesttation pen and so on

Pig gestation crates introduction

Pig gestation crates  is also called pig stalls,sow cages and so on, it is one widely used and important equipment in the modern pig farms .

Gestation crates is used for dry sows housing insemination and pregnant sows living, it can provide an individual space for each sows, offer an independent feeding trough and water drinking nipple, thus to avoid gestation crates sows fighting with other sows, so as to reduce the gestation crates pigs hurts and abortion risks.

Gestation pig crate can work with feeding system to feed the sows automatically, which can reduce the labor cost and increase the feeding result and efficiency.


Mus Agro – China gestation crates manufacturer

Mus Agro have an annual production capability of 200,000 tons pig gestation crates, all the swine gestation crates welding production is by intelligent automatic robot welding line, which can keep a uniform welding quality. In the overall hot-dip galvanizing production process, all sow gestation crates are well cleaned by the strong acid before galvanizing, after galvanizing the zinc layer thickness is controlled to 85um above,which can guarantee the long years service life, so as to make sure all gestation crates quality is well guaranteed.

As one professional gestation crates supplier, Mus Agro has sufficient stocks gestation crates for sale in the factory warehouse,as while the farrowing crates, which can support the large scale pig farming equipment purchase and wholesale gestation crate pruchase requirement in the market, outstanding quality and reliable serive is the prior target of Mus Agro team.

Pig crates quality control requirements

1.Raw steel material and finished crates sizes and tolerance control

Before gestation crates production: raw steel materials sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing

Before galvanizing gestation crates: welded crates sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing


2.Pig crates welding quality standards

Welded parts shall be welded firmly and reliably, and there shall be no false welding, false welding and burns.

After welding, the welding slag, weld flash, spatter and other debris on the surface of the welding slags shall be removed.

There should be no cracks on the surface of the weld and heat affected zone, and the weld should not have defects such as incomplete penetration and inclusions.


3.Pig crates hot-dip galvanizing quality control

There shall be no leakage plating with a single area of more than 1 cm² on the surface of the hot-dip galvanized rail, and no more than three leakage plating spots with a single area of less than 1 cm²; there shall be no peeling or peeling.

The thickness of the zinc layer shall not be less than 85μm.


4. Pig crates appearance quality standards

There should be no cracks, wrinkles, blistering and other phenomena on the bending surface of the steel pipe.

The surface of the steel pipe should be flat and smooth, and there should be no obvious rough spots, raised parts, sharp edges and burrs that could harm pigs and operators.

5.Pig crates in-site assembly quality standards

After the fence door is installed, the upper and lower movable clearance is not more than 5mm.

After the on-site installation of the column, it should be horizontal, level and vertical, and the overall structure is good.

The overall installation is firm, and the force-bearing fasteners should be equipped with anti-loose gaskets, and there should be no parts falling off.

The rotating parts should run flexibly, and there should be no jamming and abnormal noise


Outstanding advantages of gestation crates

  • Robert welding,smooth appearance,high cracking resistance and durability
  • Overall hot-dip galvanizing,anti-acid alkali corrosion resistance, long life of service
  • Convenient to realize mechanization of feeding, water supply and manure cleaning.
  • Optimize gate opening equipment, there are two types of back door with single door and double door.
  • Gestation crates and dropping feed tube are integration with designed together, better for quantitative feeding.
  • Centralized single stall breeding according to pregnancy time is convenient for observation and management sows
  • Convenient for workers to operate the opening and closing of the gate. Humanized double-door design,convenient artificial insemination
  • Multiple specification customization , multiple configurations can be designed according to different pig groups before and after pregnancy


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