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How to start a pig farm: 5 strongly suggest steps to fellow


How to start a pig farm is a systematic project, firstly you have to decide which type farm to start,is it a GGP, GP or PS farm? In addition, we have to determine or select a scale, like 200 basic sows or 500 basic sows, whether the breeding process is from farrowing to weaning or farrowing to finisher

Bio-safety is the top important issue for how to start a pig farm. Through the design and distinction of various logistics, people and the isolation of materials, we can achieve the highest level of safety, and try to avoid some unsafe factors through bio-safety.

Animal welfare deserves you pay more attention, you need to think about how to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the pig herd, so that the pig can grow healthily

how to start a pig farm

how to start a pig farm

Production process design: The production efficiency of the pig farm is determined by the process design. The different penning ratio design, the feeding, ventilation, manure drainage and pigs transfer design are the very core links in the operation of the entire pig farm. Only when these specific details are all well considered in the process design,then you can build a scientific farm for your business!

Sewage disposal environment friendly shall be well designed and implemented, includes the sewage water, manure solids, as while as smells,actually you can turn these wastes into valuable products through manure processing equipment and technology,such as organic fertilizers, biogas.

1. How to start a pig farm land location choose


The pig farm Landform shall be neat and open, with enough area, terrain is relatively high, dry, flat or with gentle slopes, leeward to the sun.The water source of the pig farm requires sufficient and qualified water, easy access and sanitary protection.The pig farm site should take into account the convenience of transportation and isolation and epidemic prevention. It should be convenient for both transportation and isolation and epidemic prevention.When selecting a site, it is necessary to avoid competition between humans and animals,the ideal site has a vast planting area around it. At same time, it is not advisable to build a field in an old field where diseases have occurred or in a nearby area with complicated epidemics

2.How to start a pig farm production process design


Farm production process design can be divided into preliminary design, process design and construction drawing design

To start a pig farm, preliminary design has to be fixed the basic sows scale,and breeding production range, like farrowing to weaner or farrowing to finisher

Production process design is to make planning for the different stages functional houses , like gilt house, boar house, gestating house, farrowing house, weaning house, finishing house, as while as isolation house, design the method for the penning and flooring system, feeding and watering system, ventilating system, and manure collecting and processing system, finally decide the equipment and facilities required, work out the budget cost and ordering the equipment

To start a pig farm designing, construction drawing design is to finish the overall farm layout designing, includes construction drawing of pig house building and structure, farm site water and electricity construction drawing design, manure collecting and processing design, as while as stuff living annex and feed plant drawing design

3.How to start a pig farm building and facility constructing


After the implement of process designing, to start a pig farm, building constructor can start the project, like making the road , electricity and water ready, leveling the land,burying the sewage piping system underground, constructing the basement and wall and roofing and so on.

During the whole constructing period, independent supervision engineer shall stay in site, and check out the construction quality in each construction stage according the designing drawing and requirement, order the constructor to rectify the construction problem if find the any defects, do not permit the constructor start the next stage construction works without supervision approval

4.How to start a pig farm equipment installing and debugging


To start a pig farm, you have to order the equipments from reliable supplier, and after ordered equipment reach the project site, sample installing assembly works shall be done firstly, if each house equipment sample assembly works reach the designed requirement, then the whole farm equipment installing works can be started

The installing work procedure starts from underground, then flooring and in house installing, and finally out of house installing, manure scrapper installed and firstly and then install the concrete and plastic slats in the flooring stage, and then install the penning and feeders,like gestation crate,and farrowing crates, weaning and finishing crate; after that ventilating and feeding equipment can be started, like blowers, cooling curtains, windows, silos, feeding piping and so on;water and electric wiring and control steps usually to be finished at the last

After all above works finished, equipment debugging work can done at this time, ventilating, feeding and manure scrapping system shall test running the motors initially during the installing, and check out the problem if found some installing problem happened

5.How to start a pig farm operating and stuff training


To start a pig farm. after all equipments debugging works done, pigs can be introduced inside the penning, start the daily feeding and watering procedures, ventilating equipment and manure scrapping equipment can work with loading.

Equipment engineers can train the farm stuff how to operate the automatic feeding system, watering system, how to turn on and off the blowers, windows, and cooling pads, as while as how to start and stop the manure scraper equipment.

When the farm stuff can operate the equipment and know how to do the troubleshooting works, the equipment engineer can hand over works to the farm, congratulations, you are succeeding to start a pig farm!

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