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Effective 9 European Tips To Increases Pig Weight


To improve the efficiency of pig farms, in the final analysis, is to increase the production of pig farms. The litter yield and meat yield are hard indicators. Today, we share 9 European tips to increases pig weight, hoping to help your pig farm.

Increases Pig Weight (pig breeding)

1.Calcium formate increases pig weight

According to Finnish research, adding 1.5g calcium formate to the feed of piglets in the first few weeks after weaning can increase the growth rate of piglets by more than 12%, increase the feed conversion rate by 4%, and reduce the incidence rate of piglets.

2.Feeding method for prolificacy of sows

The method studied by German animal husbandry experts is: from the third day of weaning, add 200 mg of vitamin E and 400 g of carrots to the sows when feeding, and reduce the amount of these two additives by 50% when the sows are in estrus until 21 days after pregnancy. This method can increase the litter size of sows by 21.9%, and the sows and piglets have strong physique and high survival rate of piglets.

3.Sodium bicarbonate increases pig weight

Steve, a doctor of zoology at Cornell University, found that adding baking soda to lysine deficient pig feed can make up for the lack of lysine, facilitate the digestion and absorption of crude fiber, and make pigs grow more meat and gain weight quickly.

4.Copper increases pig weight

The latest research results in Japan show that the addition of trace element copper in the fattening period of pigs can significantly increase the weight of pigs, inhibit the invasion of certain bacteria on pigs, and ensure the healthy growth of pigs. In the feed mixed with antibiotics, if the appropriate amount of copper is added, the daily weight gain of pigs can be increased by 6.7%, and the feed availability can be increased by 2% – 5%.

5.Saccharin increases pig weight

It is reported by foreign magazines that the effect of feeding pigs with proper amount of saccharin is good. The method is: 0.05 g saccharin is added to each kilogram of formula feed. When feeding, the saccharin is dissolved in water and then mixed into the feed, which can increase the feed intake of pigs and daily weight gain by 7%. Feed consumption and cost decreased by 4.8% and 3.5% respectively for every 100 kg gain of pigs.

6.Citric acid increases pig weight

British researchers found that adding citric acid to pig feed can increase the palatability of the feed, improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients, and improve the feed conversion rate. Adding 30 grams of citric acid to each kilogram of feed can increase the daily gain of pigs from 189 grams to 216 grams. This method is most suitable for feeding weaned pigs weighing 5-10kg.

7.Increase pig weight by “moving” pigs

The experiment of University of Missouri in the United States shows that changing the pen for fattening pigs can increase the appetite, fatten up more and speed up the growth of pigs. However, it is not appropriate to change circles frequently, and it is better to change circles once a month. The size and form of circles should be basically the same. Each group of pigs shall not exchange or mix in new pigs at will, otherwise the pigs will feel uneasy and even bite each other.

8.Oxygen soda can increase pig weight

According to foreign data, weaned piglets were fed with oxygen containing soda water and drank once every 5 days. The daily weight gain of piglets was 200-250g. Among them, aerated soda is to add a certain proportion of oxygen into ordinary drinking water, usually 1 liter of water is injected with 1 liter of oxygen. If you can add some additives such as fatliquor in the soda, the effect will be better.

9.Vitamin C improves semen quality

Germany found that the quality of boar semen can be significantly improved by adding 1-4g vitamin C to boar feed every day. In addition, the US trial also proved that adding 1g vitamin C daily to the sows’ diet one week before labor can greatly reduce umbilical cord hemorrhage and piglet mortality.mus-agro-factory

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