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2 important manure cleaning equipment


With the increase of environmental protection, the increase in the restricted area has made many pig farms aware of the severe nature of environmental protection. We all know that pig manure treatment is a problem that the pig farm needs to be solved urgently.

Pig leakage plates and manure scratching machines are commonly manure cleaning equipment used in modern pig farms.

Today, the pork field is introduced to a reciprocating manure scraping machine.

1. Pig leakage plate-common manure cleaning equipmentmanure cleaning equipment

Pig leakage plates are currently equipped with manure treatment equipment when the pig farm is built.

Pig leakage boards are generally used in pigpends, sows on beds, pigs’ conservation beds, integrated production and insurance, and sow limited fences.

At present, pig leakage plates on the market are more material, which are made of cement, and are also made of plastic materials and cast iron.

Such pigs are easy to clean with manure leakage plates, without residual fecal stools, easy to dry after cleaning, will not let the pigs be cold, and have great tolerance, better than ordinary plastic leakage plates.

2. Pentagon scraping machine-efficient manure cleaning equipmentmanure cleaning equipment

2.1 Pentagon scraping machine is suitable for pig houses equipped with manure leakage flooring

The dung ditch is directly under the leakage plate. Pig urine flows into the sewage pipeline of the entire pig farm through the urethra below the ditch.

To the decate car. It can reduce the intensity of labor, keep the room in a good air environment, give a good living space for livestock, and reduce the incidence of disease.

At present, the main performance of automatic scraping machine is to use the national standard swing needle wheel reducer to determine the rationality of the output transmission ratio.

The motor and the decelerator are small in direct connectivity and easy to operate. Especially thickened scraper determines the life of the manure clearance.

The scraper is made of CNC machine tools. Especially the transmission chain is not easy to corrode and has a long life.

2.2 Composition of the manure scraper-manure cleaning equipment:

The manure scraper includes a bracket, traction rope, a scraper connected to the traction rope, a pulley that matches the traction rope, and the driver wheel.

The pulley and the driver wheel are installed on the bracket, and the drive wheels have a rocker arm. The pulley is divided into guided wheels, two -oriented wheels and fixed pulleys.  There is a non -slip wheel adjacent to the drive wheel on the driver.

In the case of preventing the roller from approaching the driver wheel, the full -automatic scratching machine increases the friction between the traction rope and the drive wheel, and the adjustment and adjustment device will regulate the force of the traction rope to a good state, and further increase the friction.

When using, the joystick on the driver wheel, the drive wheel drives the traction rope 6, the scraper moves out of the inside of the septic tank, and the feces are scraped out of the manure tank.

2.3 The operating principle of the manure scraper-manure cleaning equipment:

1. The manure scraper is composed of two main scraping plates and two side scrape plates, and the index device is installed in the middle.
2. When the main scraping plate is pulled forward by the chain, the side plates on both sides will be opened to the edge of the beef bed, and the manure can be pushed to the manure tank.
3. When the opposite aspect is running, the septic machine will be in an empty state, the side plate is folded inward, and the main scraper is dumped in the opposite direction.
4. When the scratch machine returns to the beginning, the wing is opened again and enters the next septic process.

2.4 Product characteristics of manure scraping machine-manure cleaning equipment:

1. Simple operation and automatic control.
2. Reduce the cost of sewage treatment and saving sewage treatment.
3. Realize the feces cleaned in the pigs can be composed directly.
4. Optimize the environment of the pig house and reduce the formation of ammonia.
5. Use a deceleration motor to output the rationality of the transmission ratio.
6. The motor and the decelerator are small in direct connection and easy to operate.
7, 304 stainless steel “scraper” increases the life of the septic machine.
8, 304 stainless steel wire rope, corrosion resistance, long service life.
9. Motors: Generally there are two 1.5kW and 2.2kW, with 100 meters as the boundary line, 1.5kW motors within 100 meters,

and 2.2kW motors exceeding 100 meters. In total, 1.5kW can drive 8 tons, and 2.2kW is 10 tons.
10. Control box: Our control box is the electronic control element of Siemens or Schneider.  The quality is very good. With a touch screen, many instructions can       be achieved. Including freezing settings, scratch -resistant bull feet design, time frequency, itinerary, including manual automatic switching can be achieved.
11. The corner wheel is generally cast and the surface quenching treatment. Generally, one set requires six wheels, four corners, and two steers.manure cleaning equipment

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