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Negative pressure fan and wet curtain-2 efficient pig farm cooling equipment


In summer, pig farms need to pay attention to cooling and ventilation, and how to effectively cool and ventilate. Negative pressure fan water curtain is a good choice. The negative pressure fan water curtain is a necessary equipment for the pig farm, which can prevent dust, beautify and cool the pig farm and make the air in the pig farm cool and moist.

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一、 Calculation of  negative pressure fan quantity:

1. Given that the width of a column is 16M, the height of the side wall is 2.5M, and the overall height of the triangular roof is 5.2M, the section is 61.6m2. The ideal wind speed across the section is 2M/S (the minimum wind speed that can play the role of air cooling is 1.2M/S, and the pig can only bear the maximum ideal wind speed of 2.5M/S)

2. Air volume of cross section per unit time: 61.6 * 2 = 123.2 M3/S

3. If the calculation is based on the general 10 M3/S of 50 “fan, 13 sets are required, that is, 130 M3/S

二、 Calculation of water curtain area:

1. It is known that the allowable wind speed through the 15cm thick water curtain is 1.5~2 M/S,

2. If the wind speed after taking the curtain is 1.8M/S, it needs: 130/1.8=76.7m2

3. If the height of the water curtain is designed as 2M, 76.7/2=38.35 linear meters is required, and each side is 19.175 linear meters when it is arranged on both sides,

4. As the water curtain paper is 0.6M wide (can be divided into half pieces), it is 19.175/0.6=31.958==32 pieces on each side (i.e. 19.2 linear meters on each side)

5. If the triangle in the upper half of the house is blocked, the section is 40 square meters away, which is calculated based on the wind speed of 2M/S across the section × 2=80 M3/S/10=8 50 “fans. The corresponding water curtain area is 80/1.8=44.44 square meters/2=22.22/2=11.11 linear meters/0.6==18.5 pieces (each side)~~can save a lot of costs!

三、 Location selection for equipment installation:

1. In general, the equipment should be installed on the external wall of the building to minimize the convection distance;

2. The equipment can be installed on the wall and window sill, but the installation environment should ensure smooth and fresh air. The water curtain should not be installed at the exhaust port with odor or odor gas, such as toilet, kitchen, chemical object exhaust port, etc. If there are not enough windows or doors for ventilation, negative pressure ventilation shall be provided with wall holes to ensure the required air volume of the plant;

3. The fan is installed 1m~1.5m away from the ground to make convection at an appropriate height and create a cool environment.

4. The fan+water curtain ventilation system is generally installed in two ways: longitudinal and transverse.

5. Ensure that the frame structure at the installation position of the negative pressure fan water curtain system is stable, and the strength can support the weight of the entire equipment and maintenance personnel.

6.Longitudinal ventilation: It is mainly used for cooling and ventilating in summer.

The wet curtain material can provide a lot of wet surface after the water curtain. In the exhaust condition of the negative pressure fan, the room is under negative pressure, forcing outdoor air to pass through the wet curtain.

Because wet curtain surface vapor pressure is greater than unsaturated air water vapor partial pressure, thus wet shade on the surface of the water evaporates, absorb a large number of sensible heat, resulting in a decline in the dry bulb temperature of the entering the piggery air

7.Transverse ventilationMainly used in winter, the purpose of ventilation is not to cool down, but to satisfy the minimum breathing amount of pigs.

The main methods include two forms: side wall ventilation and trench ventilation.

 8.vertical ventilationWhen the temperature is low, ensure the air intake is even, enter the preheated fresh air into the pigpen, and remove the harmful gas and the water vapor in the house, and keep the insulation as much as possible.

When the temperature is high, ensure the air intake is uniform, and the cool fresh air is entered into the house to remove the harmful gas and the high temperature inside the house.

Cooling pad:

negative pressure fan

The ventilation system is the key to keep the environment fit. It connects the temperature control system, maintains the temperature, humidity and temperature balance, and removes the harmful gas, dust and pathogens in the environment.

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