How to clean the barn in pig farms?

1 year ago

The pig house is the direct living environment of the pig.

How to clean the barn in pig farms?

Pork cleaning and disinfection

The pig house is the direct living environment of the pig.

After the sale of pigs or the group transfer, the wall, floor, barn, food trough and production tool of the pig house will have various organic substances, which contain a lot of viruses, bacteria, Molds, parasites and other microorganisms.

As we all know, in livestock production, the cleaning work accounts for more than 95% of the disinfection process, and other disinfection work is only a supplement.

Only when the organic residue on the surface of the pig bar is thoroughly cleaned, the disinfection process can play a full 100% effect.

If the pig house is not completely cleaned and disinfected, the result is directly related to the health of the next batch of pigs. For example, the foot-and-mouth disease virus has strong resistance to the external environment.

In the frozen condition, the virus in the blood and feces can survive for 120-170 days, and the ground surface survives for 3 days in summer and 6 days in winter. Pseudorabies virus can survive for 10-30 days at 25°C. E.

rhusiopathiae can live for several months under dry conditions at room temperature. Ascaris oocysts can survive in moist soil for 3-5 years. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection work is the most important part of the biosecurity of pigshed.

Pig farm regular antibody testing and pathogen monitoring system

Through regular antibody testing and pathogen detection, timely and accurate control of the health status of the herd, understanding of the level of immune antibodies, dispersion, develop a reasonable immunization program, establish a pig herd prevention mechanism.

Many people believe that the vaccine is immune, and the health level of the pigs is guaranteed. It is often due to a flirtatious state of mind that the various factors that affect the immune effect of the vaccine are ignored, and the result of the immunization cannot be 100%.

At this time, it is necessary to carry out the necessary antibody tests to determine the overall antibody level of the herd, so that it can know what to do. When it is critical, it can be remedied in time to avoid greater loss caused by fluke.

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