Pig Farm Construction Project Feasibility Study

1 year ago

The role of feasibility studies. Feasibility study is the first step in the construction of pig farms.

Pig Farm Construction Project Feasibility Study

The role of feasibility studies

Feasibility study is the first step in the construction of pig farms. It can provide basis for future design, equipment processing and ordering, construction, and completion acceptance, providing a basis for coordination with the surrounding, and plays a decisive role in the construction.

It determines whether the construction of pig farms can proceed smoothly and whether the investment results are good or bad. There are mainly six aspects of feasibility study.

1.The basis for the investment decision of the proposed project

Economic evaluation and techno-economic demonstration have concluded whether construction projects should invest and how to invest. Its conclusion is the key to deciding investment.

2.The basis for the preparation of design assignments

In the feasibility study report, the site selection, construction scale, construction schedule, main production process, and basic equipment selection were all demonstrated. This is the basis for the preparation of the design assignment book.

3.Funding basis

When applying for a loan, a feasibility study report must be prepared for analysis and review by the bank. The bank will not agree to the loan if it does not assume an excessive risk.

4.The basis for applying for a construction license

The construction of pig farms requires the government to grant land, comply with municipal plans and regulations, and environmental protection requirements. This has been demonstrated in feasibility studies.

5.The basis for signing agreements and contracts with relevant departments

The feasibility study report estimates the construction materials, water, and electricity needed for the construction of the pig farm project, and made a conclusion on the selection of basic equipment.

6.Supplementary basis for basic data

Basic information in the feasibility study process is still indispensable for future design and construction, and it also provides a basis for the development of new equipment.

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