Teach you how to raise pigs, pigsty to build the seven notes

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Teach you how to raise pigs, pigsty to build the seven notes

Teach you how to raise pigs, pigsty to build the seven notes

1. knowledge of pig temperature:

Too low temperature can affect pig feed consumption and weight gain.The proper temperature range of pig breeding depends on the variety, age, physiological stage and feeding conditions of the pigs.Pig is the most suitable temperature, according to the formula: T = 0.06 W + 26 to calculate (represent temperature T, W represents a pig weight in kilograms), such as pigs, weighs 100 kilograms most heavy speed limit of the optimum temperature is 20 ℃.

2. Knowledge of air humidity:

The humidity is large, the disease resistance of the pig is weakened, it is beneficial to the breeding and growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and the pigs are susceptible to scab, eczema and respiratory diseases.When the relative humidity rose from 45 percent to 95 percent, the daily weight of the pig decreased by 6 to 8 percent.In the temperature of 11 ℃ - 23 ℃, relative humidity 50% to 80%, the best effect on the fattening pigs.

3. Velocity of knowledge flow:

In hot weather, air flow is conducive to evaporation and heat dissipation.Cold weather, airflow enhances the heat of the pig, exacerbates the degree of cold.When the temperature of 4 ℃ - 19 ℃, unaffected by airflow compared with often affected by the flow of the pig, pig feed intake 25% smaller, weight gain 6% faster.In winter, the airflow rate of the pig farm is 0.1m-0.2 meters per second, not exceeding 0.25 meters.

4. Knowledge of lighting:

The strength of light has obvious effect on the metabolism of pig.Proper attenuation of the light intensity of the pig can increase the feed utilization rate by 3% and increase the weight gain by 4%.

5. Knowledge of caged density:

Raise the feeding density, can make full use of the effective space, reduce the cost of raising pig.And lower density, guarantee the pig needed for growth and development space, can reduce the feed intake, and can reduce the vice of caused by space such as defecation urine everywhere, biting tail and other problems.Therefore, the feeding density should be controlled properly.

6. Knowledge of ground slope:

The pig only eats, sleeps, pull triangulation localization, facilitate the column to clean disinfection, without water.The ground from the ground from eating, sleeping should have a certain slope to the place where the excrement urination.

7. Width:

The length of the pigsty should be reasonable.If the length of the pigsty is large and the width is small, it is not conducive to the growth of pig.The closer the construction of the pig house is to the square, the more it conforms to the behavior of the pig.

how to raise pigs, pigsty to build the seven notes

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