The 4th China Animal Husbandry Engineering Industry meeting

1 year ago

The 4th China Animal Husbandry Engineering Industry meeting

The 4th China Animal Husbandry Engineering Industry meeting



  • China Animal Husbandry Association
  • China Animal Husbandry Association Livestock Engineering Branch
  • Henan Hualuo Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Jiyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau

Conference theme

More effective, More valuable, and More environmental for the ecological pig farm.

The conference through the visit, exchanges, seminars, enlighten the current new ideas for the development of animal husbandry engineering industry, the formation of industry development proposals, welcomed the national animal husbandry engineering and related industry workers to actively participate.

Conference content

1.Pig farm construction and equipment report

Invites domestic and foreign experts, professors and corporate representatives with influential or experienced experience in the field of animal husbandry engineering to make special reports on the current hotspot, difficulties, and focus issues in China's pig farm construction and equipment, and comprehensively analyze the status quo of China's pig farm construction.

With existing problems, propose solutions and measures, etc. Topics include:

  1. Analysis and Prospect of China Pig Farm Construction Situation
  2. Low-cost pig farm construction plan
  3. Under the environmental protection situation, how to do the winter heating on the farm?
  4. The use and promotion of liquid material systems, advantages and disadvantages
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of sow herding system
  6. Frequently Asked Questions and Precautions in Pig Farm Design Process
  7. Common problems and precautions in the construction of a farm
  8. Pig farm design and equipment selection
  9. Design of air filter system for piggery
  10. Design and construction of fabricated pig houses
  11. Sterilization and Control of Odor in Large Scale Pig Production
  12. Key technical indicators and technical support for planting and breeding
  13. The Practical Application of Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence in Pig Farms
  14. Animal husbandry fan energy efficient design and use
  15. Sludge treatment facilities and solutions

It is proposed to invite experts, enterprises, and regional leaders to participate in the discussion and exchange meeting.

According to the theme of the meeting, participants can present problems in the development through the form of interactive exchanges and get answers from authoritative people.

Through brainstorming and jointly providing advice and suggestions for the development of the industry, we will promote the healthy development of animal husbandry in China.

2.The ceremony for the issuance of the third batch of product standard qualified units signs and certificates

3.Vist and Inspection

Visit Henan Hualuo Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd

4.Consultation on a group standard (Consultation Draft) for Classification of Animal Husbandry Machinery and Equipment

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