The manure treatment of pig farm

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The manure treatment of pig farm

The manure treatment of pig farm

1. Pig manure treatment:

making fertilizer, turning waste into treasure, using pig manure to be fermented and used as farmyard manure, using pig manure alone to collect, accumulating and fermenting for farmyard manure or self-made organic fertilizer; minimizing flushing water, wastewater The waste residue is used to produce biogas for lighting, heating, and marsh watering for crops.

The dried pig manure is collected and placed in a fermentation pond, and a layer of quicklime is sprinkled thereon, and then covered with a plastic film or a layer of mud, which is fermented for about 1 month to be used as a farmer's fertilizer for planting fruit trees and vegetables. It is also good for preventing parasitic diseases in pigs.

2.Wastewater treatment in pig farms:

The solid waste suspended in the waste water discharged from the pig farm is very high.

The solid waste separation can greatly reduce the pollutant load of the liquid part and prevent the clogging damage of the subsequent treatment equipment.

The treatment process is solid-liquid separation - anaerobic tank - fermentation - aerobic tank fermentation - coagulation sedimentation - discharge to the standard.

The wastewater discharged from the pig farm is a “three high” wastewater with high nitrogen, phosphorus and high harmful microorganisms. Therefore, anaerobic fermentation has become an indispensable key technology in the pollution treatment of pig industry, which can effectively remove a large amount of soluble organic matter and kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Biogas fermentation technology is the best anaerobic fermentation and has been widely used in pig farm wastewater treatment.

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