The sow should be feeding this way

3 years ago

Many people have different opinions about feeding sows, is not feeding? Eat enough, how can there be so much stress!

The sow should be feeding this way

Many people have different opinions about feeding sows, is not feeding? Eat enough, how can there be so much stress! Regardless of what others say, the sow's habits are also very much related to the individual's feeding of the family.

feeding sows

In the opinion of the pig steward. In fact, feeding is very important in sows farm.Pig steward summarized as follows:

First step:

Sow before breeding to increase feeding, the implementation of short-term feeding, in order to achieve rapid re-lactation weight loss. The purpose of this step is to increase the number of ovulation and prepare.

Second step:

Pre-pregnancy, from breeding to 30 days of pregnancy, due to pre-sow feed intake is too large, feed nutrition is too high, can lead to embryonic death, in order to better embryo implantation, you should control sows The feed intake is controlled at 2 kg per day. In particular, after a week of breeding, it should be noted that the daily feeding amount should not exceed 1.5 kg.

Third step:

The sow is pregnant in the middle, the time in 30 - 80 days, during this period must control sow's body size, experience the basic characteristics of each sow, if fat feeding should be maintained at 2 kg or so, if the amount of lean feeding should be controlled at 2.5 kg, according to the sow's body flexibly adjusted.

Fourth step:

Mid-pregnancy sow mammary gland development management, the time period of 80--95 days, this period is to promote the development of the breast, laid a good foundation for postpartum lactation, feeding volume should be 2.5-3.0 kg, which Section time is the first and mid-section of the tapping stage, if the sow lean body weight should be more than 3.0 kg, in order to ensure nutrition can effectively supply the fetus.

Fifth step:

That is, the late pregnancy, the time period of 95-110 days, this time the weight of the fetus is the accumulation of increased sow feeding at this stage at 3.5 kg. ##Sixth step: Before delivery, the time period of 110--114 days, to this stage should gradually feed the amount of different proportions per day down until the day before delivery of the amount of 0.5 kg in preparation for childbirth, Can also prevent postpartum sows do not eat.

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