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9 Best Practices For PIG BIRTHING PEN


Pig birthing pen is also name farrowing crates, it is  one key equipment for the farrowing house in the modern pig breeding farm, which shall take good care both the birthing sow and piglets at the same time, so choose one reasonable design pig birthing pen is of great importance for the farm owners.
Now Mus Agro will introduce one type American type pig birthing pen for your reference


1. Pig birthing pen dimensions

Length 2.3m*width 1.7m*height 1.05m; 20mm round solid bar steel is used for the structure in the sow area, the center distance between the 2 side crates is 630mm.

2.Pig birthing pen crates

Pig birthing pen side crates are connected with front and back doors by the a φ16 solid bar, which can make the cages in a stable support condition.

3.Pig birthing pen doors

There are front and rear doors in the sow area, the door can be set to open in one direction, the orientation must meet the production requirements, and it can be disassembled, and there is a limit device to prevent the pig from dislocating after the arch.

4. Pig birthing pen braces

Vertical braces must be added in the middle of the side rails, and the vertical braces are flat steel 40*6mm

The piglets anti-crush rake teeth are φ14 round steel installed on the sidebar, 6 on each side, and the ends are blunt and round to not hurt the pig.

5.Pig birthing pen slat floors

The floor of the pig birthing pen is installed on the channel ground. The three-edged steel slats in the sow area are 30mm higher than the plastic slats in the piglet activity area.
The three-edged steel floor legs in the sow area are connected to the ground by SUS304 M10 internal expansion bolts, and the bolts are not less than 60mm from the side wall of the manure ditch.

The anchor bolts of the outriggers are installed on the channel side, the reinforcing ribs of the outriggers face the side of the manure ditch, and the φ10 holes are opened on the side of the outriggers to install the 25*4 flat steel guard plate.

The slat floor of the piglet is PP plastic floor, the slat gap is 10mm, and the load-bearing capacity of a single rib is not less than 200kg. Colors can be orange or white and other plastic slatted floors

The slat floor of the sow position is tri bar steel slat floor, and tri bar steel slat floor for the sow is welded by φ10 round steel pressing and forming an inverted triangular structure.
The rear is equipped with a flip-up manure cleaning port, the beam is 4mm steel plate, and the size of the manure cleaning port is not less than 300mm*120mm. The cleaning cover is not easy to be opened by pigs being arched or stepped on.


6. Pig birthing pen fence

The pig birthing pen piglet area fence is a hollow PVC board, with a thickness of 35mm and a height of 500mm. The thickness of the outer ribs of the PVC hoarding is 2mm and the thickness of the inner rib is 1.2mm. The fence is a whole, and it is required to be fixed firmly without shaking.

7. Pig birthing pen anti-crush bar

The pig birthing pen has an adjustable anti-crusher bar φ20, the closest distance between the two anti-crush bars is 400mm, and the height of the farrowing bed is 340mm after falling, to prevent the sow from pressing the piglets when lying down. The anti-crush bar must move up and down. flexible.

8.Pig birthing pen feeders

Feeding pipe and water line are installed at the head of the delivery bed. Equipped with 1.5mm SUS304 stainless steel turning trough with a thickness of 1.5mm.

SUS304 Ad-Lib feeder 400*195*90 (installed with blanking adjustment device and upper and lower swing material rod), the installation height of the free feeder is adjustable.
The nipple drinker is a duck-type nipple with an external thread, the vertical pipe section is a 1/2″ pipe (length 600mm), the upper and lower threads are RC1/2, and the 90° elbow is an internal thread, all made of SUS304, with stainless steel hose.

The sow flip feeder (435*342*329*120) is made of SUS304 material, with a wall thickness of 1.5mm. Both ends of the top are fixed with pins, and there are pin limits to prevent them from disengaging. The trough pin hole is a closed socket, which is fully welded on the trough. The cumulative distance between the feeder and the shaft hole plate is not more than 10mm.

9. Pig birthing pen steel and accesaries

The carbon steel material is Q235, all components are hot-dip galvanized as a whole, and the thickness of hot-dip galvanized layer is ≥80μm.

All bolts, washers and nuts on the farrowing pen are made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the nuts are anti-loose self-locking nuts.

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