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Mus Agro-20 years experienced pig crates manufacturer in China

As one 20 years experienced pig crates manufacturer in China, Mus Agro factory has complete advanced production equipment for the production of different types and styles pig crates, like farrowing crates, gestation crates, nursery pen, finishing pen, pig stall and so on

Pig crates manufacturer production procedures

Steel materials cutting

The first step of pig crates fabricating is the cutting process, the steel pipes, bars, and plate will be cut into different sizes and shapes according the drawing, like farrowing crates frame, footing plate, PVC pen supporter, and so on


Steel materials drilling, bending and Pouching

Then the cut steel pipes, bars, plates will be drilled firstly, and  bent in the automatic bending machine with pre-designed molding, the pig crates footing will be pouched with accurate installation size holes, till now all steel materials are all semi-finished parts


Pig crates automatic welding

After all steel materials well prepared, pig crates will be welded in the robot welding station, like farrowing cage and gestation crates side crates, front and rear doors, tri bar slat floors and so on.

The welding process is the very key step in the whole fabricating process, the welding quality shall be guaranteed and no missing welding spots, which can ensure the service life of the pig stalls


Hot dip galvanizing treatment

The last step of the pig crates fabricating is the hot dip galvanizing treatment, since the hogs swages can generate lots strong corrosive gas, which will rust the steels inside the pig house, so the pigs crates surfaces shall be well treated for the strong corrosive gas.

Hot dip galvanizing is the ideal anti-corrosive treatment for the pigs crates, the welded crates will be cleaned by the acid, and then drop into the melted zinc tank, the crates surface will form one zinc layer, which is about 86um, and can last over 15 years without rusting


Mus Agro mass pig crates manufacturer production for competitive price and fast delivery

Mus Agro pig crates manufacturer factory has a very big production ability for the different pig crates, and in our warehouse, there are sufficient stocks of different pig crates for sale, like pig farrowing crates pig stall,nursery pen and so on, all sow crates delivery time is short, price is special.

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Pig crates manufacturer quality control requirements

Raw steel material and finished crates sizes and tolerance control

Before gestation crates production: raw steel materials sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing

Before galvanizing gestation crates: welded crates sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing

pig crates manufacturer

Pig crates welding quality standards

Welded parts shall be welded firmly and reliably, and there shall be no false welding, false welding and burns.

After welding, the welding slag, weld flash, spatter and other debris on the surface of the welding slags shall be removed.

There should be no cracks on the surface of the weld and heat affected zone, and the weld should not have defects such as incomplete penetration and inclusions.

Pig crates hot-dip galvanizing quality control

There shall be no leakage plating with a single area of more than 1 cm² on the surface of the hot-dip galvanized rail, and no more than three leakage plating spots with a single area of less than 1 cm²; there shall be no peeling or peeling.

The thickness of the zinc layer shall not be less than 85μm.

pig crates manufacturer

Pig crates appearance quality standards

There should be no cracks, wrinkles, blistering and other phenomena on the bending surface of the steel pipe.

The surface of the steel pipe should be flat and smooth, and there should be no obvious rough spots, raised parts, sharp edges and burrs that could harm pigs and operators.



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