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5000 Sows  Pig Farming Project by pig equipment supplier-Mus Agro

This pig arming project is located in Shanxi of China, designed with 5000 breeding sows,120,000 weaned piglets annually.

This project covers an area of 45.6 hectares, of which the production area covers an area of 13.5 hectares, and the construction of living, office and ancillary facilities plans to occupy an area of 2.3 hectares.The building area is about 70,000 square meters. The construction content of the project includes the main production area (including isolation house, reserve house, pregnancy house, farrowing house, nursery house) and auxiliary production area (including decontamination area, feed transfer area, sewage treatment area, organic fertilizer production area, power distribution area) housing, road greening, etc.

The surrounding land will be used as a joint planting and breeding project, and as a deep isolation area for the project’s epidemic prevention. The production process of this project adopts the most advanced pig production technology in Europe and the United States, and carries out highly harmless treatment and resource utilization of breeding waste, and truly realizes the combination of planting and breeding, circular economy and ecological breeding.

Professional pig equipment supplier-Mus Agro

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5000 sow farm bird view

As one professional pig equipment supplier, Mus Agro has supplied in this farm are pig crates, slat floors, automated feeding equipment,and ventilating equipment.

Pig crates include 180 sets boar pens, 3700 sets gestation crates, 1300 sets farrowing crates, 500 sets nursery pens and finishing pens

Boar house,gestation house, and finishing house apply concrete slat flooring, farrowing house applies tri bar slat floor and plastic slat floor,nursery house applies full plastic floor

Automated feeding equipment includes 50 sets  feed silos, gestation and farrowing house apply disk chain feeding system,nursery and finishing house apply flex auger feeding system

Ventilating equipment includes 50” and 36” fiber glass FRP fan for house ventilating,24” fiber glass FRP fan for manure ditch ventilating, evaporating cooling pads for all houses cooling

Mus Agro-pig equipment supplier brief introduction

Zhengzhou Mus Agro Tech Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, center place of People’s Republic of China, which is one professional pig equipment supplier from China.

Mus Agro’s mission is to provide green and high efficient pig farming equipment and solution for the farm owners in different regions and places in the world.

To accomplish this missions, Mus Agro has complete team of R&D engineers,project engineers, and commissioning engineers, to service oversea clients in Asia, Europe, America, middle east, as while as Africa, hundreds of sound project feedback innovated us to keep moving in the road of our mission!

Mus Agro- pig equipment supplier production bases

Mus Agro owns 3 pig equipment production bases, full equipped with automatic production line for the pig crates and penning,automated feeding equipment,ventilating equipment, chicken cages system, and manure collecting and processing system, which is to meet the high demanding control of equipment accuracy and quality.

Pig crates and penning includes different types farrowing crates,gestation crates, nursery penning,finishing penning, boar and gilt penning,all steels are hot dip galvanized process

pig equipment supplier

pig equipment fabricating process

Automated feeding system includes barn silos,dick chains, disk chain driving unit,corner wheels, transfer hoppers,flex auger drive unit,feed boots and so on

pig equipment supplier

feed silo fabricating process

Pig equipment supplier-Mus Agro quality control requirements

Raw steel material and finished crates sizes and tolerance control

Before gestation crates production: raw steel materials sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing
Before galvanizing gestation crates: welded crates sizes and tolerance must meet the requirement of confirmed technical drawing

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Pig equipment welding quality standards

Welded parts shall be welded firmly and reliably, and there shall be no false welding, false welding and burns.

After welding, the welding slag, weld flash, spatter and other debris on the surface of the welding slags shall be removed.

There should be no cracks on the surface of the weld and heat affected zone, and the weld should not have defects such as incomplete penetration and inclusions.

Pig equipment hot-dip galvanizing quality control

There shall be no leakage plating with a single area of more than 1 cm² on the surface of the hot-dip galvanized rail, and no more than three leakage plating spots with a single area of less than 1 cm²; there shall be no peeling or peeling.

The thickness of the zinc layer shall not be less than 85μm.

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Pig equipment appearance quality standards

There should be no cracks, wrinkles, blistering and other phenomena on the bending surface of the steel pipe.

The surface of the steel pipe should be flat and smooth, and there should be no obvious rough spots, raised parts, sharp edges and burrs that could harm pigs and operators.

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