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1-Cold thinking on pig farm equipment


During the construction and operation of pig farms, many pig farms began to introduce new equipment

on the basis of conventional equipment to solve the problems of manpower,

feeding and management in production and improve production efficiency.

Therefore, in the process of introducing and using pig farm equipment,

the pig farm needs to combine its own pig farm status and define the pig farm

To choose the equipment suitable for their own pig farm equipment

pig farm equipment

(1) current consumption status of pig farm equipment

1.1 automation pig farm equipment

At present, the automation pig farm equipment is at the right time.

Many manufacturers provide different automation equipment for the pig farm, with different characteristics and different prices,

providing a variety of choices for the pig farm.

The promotion of automation equipment on pig farm production.

It not only saves labor and reduces labor intensity, but also has a positive impact on the feeding of pigs.

Automatic environmental control provides comfortable environmental conditions for pigs,

which makes the growth and reproduction of pigs more efficient, and thus improves the production level of the pig farm.

1.2 focus on price

The market competition of automatic pig raising equipment and conventional pig farm equipment has been relatively full.

Many manufacturers provide different types of products for pig farms, which gives pig farms more choices.

Therefore, the pig farm gradually shifted its attention from the function and performance of products to the price of products.

We have always wanted to buy value-for-money equipment to arm our pig farms, which has led to excessive attention to the price.

In fact, we should understand the truth that we pay for everything.

As the pig farm equipment, especially the equipment used for animal management, the focus on quality is always the first.

It is advisable to discuss the price issue on the premise of ensuring equipment quality and stable operation.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the additional services of the pig farm equipment.

1.3 passive introduction and passive use of digital equipment

Passive introduction refers to the introduction or purchase of equipment due to the influence of government projects,

marketing personnel, etc., that is, the pig farm operators have not rationally understood whether the equipment is suitable for the farm,

that is, they have purchased the equipment.

These passively introduced equipment are mainly reflected in some new pig farm equipment or conceptual equipment.

(2) thinking on Application of automation pig farm equipment

2.1 a pig farm is a factory

A pig farm is actually a factory that converts feed into pork, that is, the place and process where the means of production are processed into products.

This shows that the main task of the pig farm is to use feed and breed pigs, and finally produce commercial pigs.

This also shows the importance of feed and breeding pigs and their production sites.

At present, the importance of feed and breeding pigs to pig farms is self-evident, and the importance of production sites, i.e.

pig houses and their ancillary facilities, is increasingly being paid attention to.

As a production plant, the workshop and its production tools and supporting facilities are the basic conditions to ensure the smooth production.

Then, the pig house and the stalls, sewage facilities, feeding facilities and environmental control facilities in the pig house are the basic conditions to ensure the normal production of the pig farm.

Therefore, the adoption of more automatic pig raising equipment in the pig farm will help improve the automation level of the pig farm, facilitate the organization of production according to the factory mode, and effectively improve the production efficiency.

2.2 selection of stable automation equipment

The stability of automation pig farm equipment is extremely important, far more than the price or value. These equipment are often associated with the feeding, environment and sewage discharge of pigs, and must be stable without shutdown and other failures. This requires that when selecting automatic equipment, such as feeding line, feeder, environmental control equipment, sewage disposal equipment (such as fecal scraping board), the pig farm must first pay attention to stability. User evaluation and experience sharing are very helpful for selecting a stable equipment, followed by price and service. Pig farms can compare the stability of products, and then look at the price and service to select the appropriate products.

(3) digital pig farm equipment

At present, the digital pig raising equipment widely used in China mainly includes the electronic feeding system for pregnant sows and the growth performance measurement system for breeding pigs.

Other technologies such as electronic feeding technology for lactating sows and automatic sorting system for growing and finishing pigs are still in the initial stage of concept promotion and application.

feeding equipment in pig farms

(4) conventional pig farm equipment needing attention

In addition to the automatic feeding, environmental control and digital pig farm equipment,

some conventional equipment also need to be paid attention in the pig house. Such as drinking fountains and chutes.

The water dispenser needs to allow pigs to drink a large amount of water quickly, reduce water waste, avoid causing humidity in the pens,

and be easy to clean. In the group feeding state, it is necessary to pay attention to the drinking water of sows.

It is very necessary to equip drinking water tanks instead of nipple (duckbill) drinking water containers or drinking bowls.

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