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In the last article, I focused on the importance of “Pig farrowing crates”. I want to repeat here Pig farrowing crates are the most important Equipment in pig farms, which have a significant impact on improving the survival rate of piglets, weaning litter weight and pig farm effect.Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer.pig farrowing crates retail

1.Basic introduction of pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer

Among many manufacturers, how to choose the one that suits you. First, it must not be a small workshop, which exaggerates. Second, it is not worth the premium. Some brands are large, the quality is OK, but the premium is high. Therefore, it is your wise choice to choose a “pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer” with high quality and moderate price.Zhengzhou Mus Agro Tech Co., Ltd is located in Zhengzhou City, center place of People’s Republic of China, our mission is to provide green and high efficiency husbandry equipment and solution for the farm owners in different regions and places in the world.

To accomplish our missions, Mus Agro has over 20 R&D engineers and 50 project commissioning engineers, servicing clients in Asia, Europe, America, middle east, as while as Africa, hundreds of sound project feedback innovated us to keep moving in the road of our mission!

2.Introduction of an excellent Pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer

Mus Agro supply pig farming equipment, like farrowing crates, gestation crates,pig stall, nursery pen, fattening pen and so on.

Scientific pig crates design can plan the layout of all farm houses reasonably, like farrowing crate, gestation crates, pig stalls, nursery pen , reduce overall investment costs on the premise of Nursery.

(Feeding Equipment)Through feed silos, dick chian or flex auger feeding line, Automated feeding equipment can actively supply feed and water according to the needs of

(Ventilating Equipment)Scientific ventilating equipment can improve the living environment of livestock and poultry through environmental control of temperature, humidity an

(Poultry Farming Equipment)Poultry farming equipment includes breeders flooring rearing equipment, broilers flooring rearing equipment, layer cage equipment, broiler.

As an excellent Pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer, we not only have excellent products, but also first-class solutions and satisfactory after-sales service.

Pig farm construction is a systematic project.Firstly we have to decide which type farm to start,is it a GGP, GP or PS farm? In addition, we have to determine or select a scale, like 200 basic sows or 500 basic sows, whether the breeding process is from farrowing to weaning or farrowing to finisher.

Bio-safety is the top important issue. Through the design and distinction of various logistics, people and the isolation of materials, we can achieve the highest level of safety, and try to avoid some unsafe factors through bio-safety.

Animal welfare deserves you pay more attention, you need to think about how to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the pig herd, so that the pig can grow healthily.

Production process design: The production efficiency of the pig farm is determined by the process design. The different penning ratio design, the feeding, ventilation, manure drainage and pigs transfer design are the very core links in the operation of the entire pig farm. Only when these specific details are all well considered in the process design,then you can build a scientific farm for your business!

Sewage disposal environment friendly shall be well designed and implemented, includes the sewage water, manure solids, as while as smells,actually you can turn these wastes into valuable products through manure processing equipment and technology,such as organic fertilizers, biogas.

Mus Agro an excellent Pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer. An excellent Pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer、 it can reduce your unnecessary investment, save costs, improve the rate of return, prolong the service life of the equipment, provide you with satisfactory services, and let you worry free.

An excellent Pig farrowing crates retail manufacturer is the booster of your career, your successful partner and supporter. Let’s work together to create a better future.

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