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Two kinds of necessary pig feeding equipment


Feeding is required for large pig farms, small and medium-sized pig farms. Today we will introduce the commonly used pig feeding equipment.pig feeding equipment

(1) Feeding trough(pig feeding equipment)

In the production of pigs, whether mechanical feeding or manual feeding is used, the feeding trough must be selected.

1. Automatic trough

In the breeding, growth and fattening of pigs, automatic feeding troughs are generally used to enable pigs to freely feed.

The automatic feed trough is equipped with a feed storage box on the top of the feed trough to store a certain amount of feed.

As the pigs eat, the feed will continuously fall into the feed trough under the action of gravity.

Therefore, the automatic feeding trough can add materials at a longer interval, greatly reducing the feeding workload and improving the labor productivity. Automatic food trough is made of cement, cast iron, etc.

Automatic food trough is also divided into single-sided food trough and double-sided food trough.

Single sided food trough can only be fed on one side of the trough, while double-sided food trough can be fed on both sides of the trough at the same time.

Main parameters of automatic trough

Pig herd                                                          height/mm               width/mm                 feeding gap/mm                    front edge height/mm

Piglets                                                                   400                             400                                   140                                          100

Piglet                                                                     600                             600                                   180                                          120

Growing pigs                                                       700                             600                                   230                                           150

From the early stage ~ 60kg                           850                            800                                   270                                           180

From late fattening ~ 100kg                            850                            800                                   330                                           180

2. Limited food trough

The limited feeding trough is used for boars, sows and other pig herds that need limited feeding.

The limited feeding trough for small groups of sows and boars is generally made of cement and cast iron.

The limited feeding trough for piglets is mostly made of cement, stainless steel, cast iron or engineering plastic products,

which is cheap in cost and durable. Common limited feeding trough includes: common limited feeding trough (cement),

sow feeding trough (cast iron), piglet feeding trough (cast iron, stainless steel, engineering plastics).

Main parameters of cement trough

Pig herd                                        height/mm                                   width/mm                                 bottom thickness/mm

Piglets                                                200                                              100~120                                                  40

Piglets, growing pigs                      300                                              150~180                                                  50

Finishing pigs and sows                400                                              200~220                                                  60


The length of the feeding trough required by each pig is about equal to the width of the pig’s shoulder, which will lead to competition when feeding.

Too long will not only cause waste of the feeding trough, but also some pigs will step into the trough to eat, which can dirty the food.

Therefore, for the long trough, there should be reinforcement or cement in the middle of the trough to divide the long trough into small grids for easy feeding.

(2)Feed silo and Feeding line

The equipment consists of four parts: storage system, blanking system, control system and feeding system.

The drive device drives the chain disk to send the feed from the feeding tower to each feeding point in the pig house evenly and efficiently, and then it falls into the feeding trough through the metering cylinder, tee and other devices; At the same time, the material level sensor is configured at the end of the material line to control the start and stop of the drive motor, so as to achieve the function of automatic feeding.

The main points are as follows:

The feeding is even and fast, suitable for powder and particle materials.

The feed is driven by the chain disc to reduce feed wear and pollution by closed transportation.

Flexible link connection, suitable for multi row pig pen feeding mode, flexible layout and convenient installation.

2.1 Classification of material tower

There are three common material towers: galvanized sheet material tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic material tower and pit hopper.

2.1.1 The material of tower components is Q235 steel, and the galvanized thickness is ≥ 275g/㎡;

Thickness of upper cone plate (T1.0); The thickness of the upper and middle layer coaming is (T1.0),

and the thickness of the bottom layer coaming is (T1.2) with a diameter of 2.7m and 3.6m;

Thickness of lower cone plate (T1.2): 1.8m diameter and 2.7m leg thickness (T2.5): 3.6m leg thickness (T3.0); Base thickness (T5.0);

The volume is about 4.6-43.5m ³ (3t-28t), the specific specifications are: 3T, 4.4T, 6T, 7.6T, 11T, 14.3T, 16T, 22T, 28T.

The tower is equipped with ladders as standard, with protective railings, which are safe and reliable;

The structure design is reasonable, with high strength and good airtightness;

The middle coaming is designed with a flow slope to facilitate drainage;

The middle coaming and lower cone plate are all provided with perspective holes for easy observation;

The standard parts are treated by special galvanizing process, and the rubber pad is not aged for 10 years;

The corner arc of the cone plate is designed, and the coaming is connected with double-layer bolts;

There is a double-layer waterproof sealant at the junction of the material tower.

The bolt hole is added with a self sealing waterproof gasket and the drainage lip at the edge of the material tower is designed to avoid water leakage of the material tower;

2.1.2 The glass fiber reinforced plastic tower is made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic,

with a wall thickness of 5 mm, bending and tensile strength of 270-300 Mpa;

The volume is about 4.1-15.8m ³ (2.5t-10.5t), the specific specifications are: 2.5T, 3.5T, 4.5T, 5.5T, 7.5T, 10.5T.

Corrosion resistance, service life of salt spray test can reach more than 20 years;

The tower body is integrally formed and the tower cover is simply assembled, with good sealing and moisture-proof effects;

Standard parts are treated by special galvanizing process, and the rubber pad is not aged for 10 years

2.1.3 The whole pit hopper is hot-dip galvanized with good anti-corrosion performance;

Suitable for small group feeding and bulk material customers; (Manual dumping)

The volume is about 0.8-4.6m ³ (0.5t-3t), the specific specifications are 0.5T, 1.2T and 3T.

2.2 Classification of material lines

The material line is divided into: Saipan material line and dragon material line.

2.2.1 Saipan material line is a closed loop design. The driver drives the chain stopper to rotate circularly in the closed material pipe loop connected by the corner to achieve feed conveying and feeding.

The stopper disc material line system is mainly composed of material shoe, stopper disc, material pipe, blanking device, material box, material level sensor and driver.

The feed shoe is the connection device between the bin and the feed line. The chain stopper disc circulation circuit drives the feed into the feed line circulation system through the feed shoe.

The plug disc is composed of nylon round plug and alloy steel chain, which has good wear resistance, strong tensile strength of steel chain and is not easy to deform.

The material of material pipe can be galvanized pipe or PVC pipe, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The diameter of common material pipe is 60/70/90mm.

There are many types of blanking devices to choose, which can realize the uniform transfer of feed from the material line pipe to the auxiliary material line or the food trough.

The level sensor has a delay function. When the feed in the last quantizer is about to be full, the level sensor will automatically sense and wait for the last quantizer to be full, and then turn off the drive,

The driver motor drives the sprocket to drive the plug disc to move, which is divided into vertical and horizontal models.

2.2.2 Jiaolong feed line is one of the most commonly used feed systems for pig farms and chicken farms. It can be set up as a whole feed line, or it can be designed as a main feed line+auxiliary feed line. If the feeding distance is too long, it can also be connected by multiple feed lines in the form of relay.

The material line system is mainly composed of material shoe, Jiaolong, material pipe, blanking device, material box, material level sensor, and motor drive system.

The material shoe is the connection device between the material bin and the material line. The single material shoe can connect a single or multiple Jiaolong material lines, which can realize multiple buildings or multiple material lines in a single material bin.

Jiaolong is the core device to realize feed mobile transmission. It is made of alloy imported from South Africa, which is durable and can be selected in multiple specifications.

The material of the feed pipe can be galvanized pipe or PVC pipe, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The diameter of the feed pipe used in the chicken farm is 45/60/70/90 mm, and the linear feeding distance of a single Jiaolong feed line can reach 120 meters.

There are many types of blanking devices to choose, which can realize the uniform transfer of feed from the material line pipe to the auxiliary material line or the food trough,

The material level sensor can accurately sense the material level of the material holding device such as the material trough and the quantizer, work with the control box, and timely open or close the drive device to avoid feed waste.

The motor drive device is the power unit of the material line, which is arranged at the end of the material line.

The motor stably drives Jiaolong to rotate in the material pipe after decelerating to realize uniform feeding.

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