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5 common pig feeding equipment


At present, the feeding equipment of domestic large-scale pig feeding equipment has developed from the traditional and

single mode of “feeding in cement trough or on the ground” to a scientific and reasonable diversified direction.

There are three forms of pig feeding.

Dry material, moisture content 12% – 15%; Wet material, moisture content 40% – 60%;

Thin feed, with water content of 70% – 80%, has certain fluidity. The feed feeding machinery and equipment suitable for dry,

wet and thin feeds include screw conveying type, reciprocating scraper type, circular scraper type,

circular chain plate type and thin feed pipeline conveying type.

In addition, there are automatic feeding tanks and various feed trucks.pig feeding equipment

(1) circular scraper pig feeding equipment

The feeding system operates in a closed circular pipe and is connected with the feed bin. When the feed bin is full, the excess feed can be recycled to the feed bin. Suitable for unlimited feeding of dry powder and granular materials. If the metering box is configured, the limited feeding can also be realized. This pig feeding equipmentcan transport feed in the horizontal and vertical planes, so it is conducive to the rational layout of the pig pen and mechanical equipment, avoid feed pollution and loss, and facilitate the realization of feeding automation.

(2) thin feed pipeline feeding equipment

It mainly includes material tank, water tap, material pump, mixer, material pipeline, distribution valve and other auxiliary equipment. The mixed thin feed is sent to the feed pipeline by the feed pump. When the feed flows out of the feed return port, close the feed return valve and open the manual valves. The feed is discharged into the feed tank and begins feeding. After feeding, water can be supplied to the feed pump, and the feed remaining in the pipeline can be recycled to the mixing tank for next feeding. Meanwhile, the pipeline shall be cleaned.

(3) feeding cart

I.e. mobile feeding equipment. There are rail pin type, cable type, battery type and other types.

The rail pin type feeding car belongs to the limited feeding equipment.

The cable feeder adjusts the feeding amount by changing the traveling speed.

The battery feeding car is charged by the automatic charging device at the end of the journey.

The car is equipped with a fast scale for accurate measurement.

(4) food trough

It is divided into two types: free feeding trough and limited feeding trough.

The limited feeding trough is used for pigs that need limited feeding, such as boars and sows.

The feeding trough for small groups is generally made of cement, which is low in cost and durable.

Large farms are generally made of metal or other materials, and the cast-iron trough is more durable than the steel plate welded trough.

In breeding, growing and finishing pig herds, free feeding is generally adopted.

The automatic feeding trough is equipped with a feed storage box on the top of the feeding trough to store a certain amount of feed.

With the feeding of pigs, the feed continuously falls into the trough under the action of gravity.

The feeding trough reduces the workload, improves the labor productivity, and is convenient for mechanized and automatic feeding.

(5) pig feeding equipment

In order to make the pigs grow faster, feeding is started in the second week of piglet birth.

Some foreign pig farms often use circular feeding trough for piglets.

The feeding trough can be fixed at any place where it is needed.

It is provided with a material saving edge, which can reduce the amount of feed scattered to the outside and prevent waste.

In recent years, a large number of studies and production practices abroad have shown that feeding growing finishing pigs

with liquid feed has good palatability, high digestion and absorption rate, no dust, and reduces the respiratory diseases of pigs.

It can also make full use of various feed resources, such as leftovers from food factories and distillers’ grains from distilleries, to reduce costs.

Therefore, the research on liquid feed equipment has also received extensive attention,

and will become the highlight of the development of pig feeding equipment in the future.

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