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A newest pig manure odor control equipment for farms


Pig manure odor control equipment brief

Pig manure processing is always one tricky problem all farm are facing, especially the pig manure odor problem is hard to handle with. While pig  manure odor control equipment by Mus Agro is a pig farm house exhaust air emission purification system, which is used to solve the problem of odor pollution in large-scale farms, so that the turbid gas emitted by pig farms can be discharged according the government environment requirement standard, and the air quality around the farms can be improved.

Intensive farms have a large biological base, so the odor generated is not only large in volume, but also complex in composition. According to research, there are more than 200 kinds of odor components in pig manure, of which the major odor substances are NH3, H2S and VFA (Volatile Fatty Acids).

These harmful gases not only endanger people’s physical and mental health, but also have a serious impact on the growth of the pigs, which can easily cause aquaculture organisms to be restless, reduce feed intake, weaken their physique, and even induce Risk of respiratory disease, death, etc.

pig manure odor control

Mus Agro pig odor control equipment is a new air purification method developed for large-scale animal husbandry. It can use chemical purification method and biological purification method to carry out organized water purification treatment of odor.

We can provide customized services for farms in different regions. The pig odor control equipment of pig farms is composed of multiple devices such as odor filter blocks, circulating spray, circulating water treatment, and intelligent control.

The ammonia removal rate reaches 70-90%. , The removal rate of hydrogen sulfide and other odors can reach 40-75%, and the dust removal rate can reach 45-80%. The deodorizers are all modular in design and can be quickly installed on site.

Pig manure odor control equipment working principle

The main components of odor in pig farms are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and dust particles. The characteristics of these odor components are that ammonia can be dissolved in water, and hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can be decomposed and absorbed by biological bacteria. The pig  manure odor control equipment uses these characteristics to purify the odor.

The exhaust air with odor of the pig house is sent to the odor filter blocks wall by the exhaust fan, the front end of the odor filer block wall is equipped with a spray device, so the exhaust air will be sprayed, and the humidity will be increased to form a gas-liquid mixture.


Then part of ammonia gas and dust will be absorbed by the water mist and flow into the storage tank, the other Hydrogen and ammonia gas are captured by the biological bacteria attached to the surface of the odor filter blocks , which will be decomposed and absorbed, by the biological bacteria, thereby purifying the exhaust gas of the pig house.

In order to ensure the activity of biological bacteria, the storage tank is equipped with PH and LF detection equipment, and the system can automatically adjust the pH, spray amount, water replenishment amount, etc.

In order to ensure that the biological colonies are in the best active state, the biological pool is equipped with a water tank filter to reduce the damage of sewage to the pump, and the recycled water is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

pig manure odor control

Pig manure odor control equipment installation mode

1. Horizontal installation of pig manure odor control equipment

pig manure odor control

2. Vertical installation of pig manure odor control equipment

pig odor control system

Pig manure odor control equipment advantages

1. Anti-ultraviolet: The whole system is anti-ultraviolet design, and the sealing performance of the whole machine is better

2. High deodorization efficiency: It is equipped with an independent spray system to deodorize ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful waste gas. The deodorization efficiency is as high as 600mg/L.h.

3. High efficiency and environmental protection: purify the ambient air, at the same time, the spray water can be recycled to reduce waste water discharge

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