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  • Farrowing Crate

    Farrowing Crate
      Farrowing crates for sow is designed specifically for sows to feed and nurture piglets. It can effectively prevent sows from accidentally stepping on piglets.
  • Perforated Manure Drying Belt

    Perforated Manure Drying Belt
      PP perforated manure drying belt is one new type drying belt, belt material is polypropylene, same as the manure belt in the chicken cage system,features long service life, aslo surface punched with hole, which can enhance the drying performance
  • Manure Rotary Dryer

    Manure Rotary Dryer
      Manure rotary dryer is one type big drying capacity solution, its capacity is from 1000kg per hour up to 20 tons per hour, it is an ideal drying solution for the mass drying purpose, features low investment and high efficiency
  • Pp Manure Belt

    Pp Manure Belt
      PP manure belt is used in the cage system for the automatic manure removing, it feastures corrosion resistance and high tensile performance, which is most widely options for the chicken cage system
  • Gestation Crate

    Gestation Crate
    • Application:pig farm for pre pregnant and pregnant sow
    • Design concept:sow and fetus safe, sow weight control
    • Key materials:galvanized iron, stainless trough
    • Service:accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • Weaning Crate

    Weaning Crate
      Weaning crate is called weaning stall, it is special designed to raising the new weaning piglets, usually the same nest piglets will stay in the same weaning crate
  • Fattening Crate

    Fattening Crate
      Fattening crate is designed for finishing pigs. Due to the large size and groups, fattening crate owns the characteristics of high strength and large area
  • H Type Chicken Cage System

    H Type Chicken Cage System
    • Application: Layers/broilers/brood cage rearing
    • Design concept:comfort/safe space,healthy growing and laying
    • Key parts:wire cage,auto watering/feeding,egg collection
    • Service:accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • A Type Chicken Cage

    A Type Chicken Cage
    • Application: Layers/broilers/brood cage rearing
    • Design concept:comfort and safe space,healthy growing/laying
    • Key parts:wire cage, auto watering and feeding, egg collection
    • Service:accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • Chicken Floor Raising

    Chicken Floor Raising
      Floor raising equipment is one type widely applied broiler raising solution, features easy management and low investment, it is widely used in breeders and broilers large-scale raising
  • Feed Silo

    Feed Silo
    • Application: Pig farm/Chicken farm
    • Design concept: 600 and 670 cone smoothing discharging
    • Key materials:galvanized steel,stainless steel bolts,rubber bolt
    • Service:accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • Auger Feeding System

    Auger Feeding System
      Auger feeding is one commonly used feeding system in the the poultry farm, auger feeding system can be one single line, also can design into main feeding line and secondary feeding line according to farm conditions.
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