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Pig crates

Scientific pig crates design can plan the layout of all farm houses reasonably, like farrowing crate, gesation crates, pig stalls, nursery pen , reduce overall investment costs on the premise of ensuring animal welfare and biosecurity, and increase the pig hards quanity per unit area by optimizing the production operation arrangement, thereby improving production efficiency of pig farms, and ensuring the core metrics such as PSY and growth performance…

Slat floors

Slat floors has many advantages, the first is hygiene, because the manure can drop through the slat floor, reducing the contact between pigs and manure, reducing the chance of bacterial and viral infection of pigs, and secondly saving manpower, the manure and urine under the floor can be automaticly collected regularly through equipment; in addition, the plastic slat floor can reduce the temperature difference on the floor and improve the survival rate of piglets, and the metal or cement slat floor can assist in cooling the pigs..

Feeding equipment

Through feed silos, dick chian or flex auger feeding line, Automated feeding equipment can actively supply feed and water according to the needs of pigs, supply fresh feed and water in time and avoid feed and water loss, reduce the interruption caused by the neglect or absence of management personnel. Automatic feeding can provide quantitative and non-quantitative feeding according to different period of the pigs, which can avoid partial eclipse of pigs, improve feed conversion rate, and enable pigs grow fastly and healthily

Ventilating Equipment

Scientific ventilating equipment can improve the living environment of livestock and poultry through environmental control of temperature, humidity and harmful gases, increas the PSY  in the sow farm,egg production and feed-to-meat ratio of chicken and swine farms, thus increase the comprehensive benefits of the farm. In addition, a good environment can reduce the incidence of animal diseases and improve biosecurity too…

Poultry farming equipment

Poultry farming equipment includes breeders flooring rearing equipment, broilers flooring rearing equipment, layer cage equipment, broiler cage equipment, like pan feeding line, watering line, plastic slat floor, manure in cage removing,egg nest box, egg automatic collecting and so on

Efficient farming equipment

Efficient farming equipment is the key equipment in the poultry and husbandry farms, like manure collecting and processing, farm odor processing, pig weighing scale and so on

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