Manure Equipment

  • Perforated Manure Drying Belt

    Perforated Manure Drying Belt
      PP perforated manure drying belt is one new type drying belt, belt material is polypropylene, same as the manure belt in the chicken cage system,features long service life, aslo surface punched with hole, which can enhance the drying performance
  • Manure Rotary Dryer

    Manure Rotary Dryer
      Manure rotary dryer is one type big drying capacity solution, its capacity is from 1000kg per hour up to 20 tons per hour, it is an ideal drying solution for the mass drying purpose, features low investment and high efficiency
  • Pp Manure Belt

    Pp Manure Belt
      PP manure belt is used in the cage system for the automatic manure removing, it feastures corrosion resistance and high tensile performance, which is most widely options for the chicken cage system
  • Manure Dewater Machine

    Manure Dewater  Machine
      Manure dewatering machine to filter liquid from the manure solids, features high processing capacity, the fitered liqiud can be recycled and solids can be made into organic fertilizers
  • Manure Scraper Machine

    Manure Scraper Machine
      Manure scrapper is an automatic manure collecting equipment, features stable running and high efficicency cleaning, which will reduce the farm water consumptions
  • Slurry Manure Tier

    Slurry Manure Tier
      Slurry manure tier is used in the piping line system for the pig manure flushing farms, this type manure processing features labor saving, maure will not rely workers to clean...