Pig Feeder/drinker/slat Floor

  • Sow Feeder

    Sow Feeder
      Sow feeder, easy cleaning and long surface life Special deign for farrowing sow Stainless steel/casting iron/plastic available Stronger and long service life Overturn design to clean and disinfect
  • Dual Side Box Feeder

    Dual Side Box Feeder
      Stainless feeder for weaner and finisher, Double side feeding to serve two pig fences All stainles steel materail, durable service life Unique design for easy disassemble and transport Feeding volume easy adjustable, waterer device available Box feeder dimensions accept customer design purpose
  • Plastic Slat Floor For Pig

    Plastic Slat Floor For Pig
      Plastic slat floor for pig farms it is convenient to collect the manure Improve the environment air quality, Reduce the disease occurance, ideal replacement choice for traditional flooring
  • Pig Trough Feeder

    Pig Trough Feeder
      Stainless steel feeder trough Single trough feeder serves multi pigs All stainless steel, easy clean and disinfect M type for back in front out crate system U type for back in and back out crate system Length can be customerized according to crate arrangement
  • Piglet Drink Bowl

    Piglet Drink Bowl
      Piglets drink bowl Specialized deign for piglet water drinking Full stainless steel material, easy clean and longlife Big, medium and small sizes available for different weight
  • Dry/wet Fatten Pig Feeder

    Dry/wet Fatten Pig Feeder
      Dry/wet fatten pig feeder United feed and water supplying Feed control device to reduce feed wasting Single feeder can serve pigs in two fatten groups
  • Cast Iron Slat Floor

    Cast Iron Slat Floor
      Pig cast iron slat floor features high strength and durable use, it is easy for pig manure drop and clean, also it provide a cool and clean floor for the sows, keep sows in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Piglet Feeder

    Piglet Feeder
    • Application: pig farm for piglet feeding
    • Design concept: convenient piglet feed intake and durable use
    • Key materials: stainless bowl, bowl grid
    • Service: accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
  • Pig Drinker

    Pig Drinker
      Pig dinker is fabricated by stainless steel, it is an ideal drinking device for piglets, sows grower and finishers, it can supply efficicent watering and reduce the wasting of water, as while as keep the barn as dry and clean
  • Free Feeder For Sow

    Free Feeder For Sow
      Sow free feeder for sow includes a hopper, which install on sow crates It can automatically drop feed when sow's mouth touch the feeder Feeds drop volume is adjustable, controlled eating volume, free eating and avoid feed wasting
  • Feed Doser

    Feed Doser
      Feed volume doser Control the feed dropping speed Connect the feeding pipe and feeders Easy viewing the feed conditions
  • Manual Doser Feeder

    Manual Doser Feeder
    • Application: pig farm for farrowing pig feeding
    • Design concept: convenient pig feed intake and save both time and labour
    • Key materials: plastic
    • Service: accept customized design and OEM manufacturing
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