H Type Chicken Cage System


H type chicken cage can make fl use of vertical space, maximize the use of farming space, to achieve the needs of large-scale automated breeding purpose. It is the ideal intensive breeding equipment for layers, broilers, brood, and breeders.

H type chicken cage mainly includes the following systems:

1. Cage system

  • Screen with deep galvanizing process, excellent corrosion resistance, long service life
  • Cage can be adjusted according to the growth of chickens to faciptate the feeding
  • Cage bottom appy soft texture and no deformation, effectively reduce the chicken leg disease, foot pad occurred
  • According to the situation of the chicken house, H type cage can stack up to 8 layers, greatly improving the intensive stocking density

2. Feeding system

  • Feeding apply self-propelled driving feeder to achieve regar quantitative uniform feeding, improve feed accuracy
  • Plastic/galvanized steel/stainless steel feed chute available, unique design to avoid waste of feed

3. Drinking water system

  • Each cage side equip water pressure regator, control water supply pressure
  • Nipples drinker and hanging cup reasonable design, effectively protecting the water drinking quapty
  • The brood or cold region can equip heating system to ensure proper water supply temperature

4. Egg system (egg collection)

  • Egg collecting belt appy flexible polypropylene material with proper tensioning, effectively reduce the egg damage rate
  • Mti-layer automatic egg collection system features high accuracy and smooth operation, maximum savings in labor and time costs

5. Clean the dung system

  • Each layer of chicken cage equip automated manure removal belt, improve chicken house air quapty
  • Cage side desihned automatic manure collecting belt, collect the manure from each manure removal belt, and depvery to the outside of the chicken house
  • During the chicken out cage time, the manure removal belt can be used to transport the chickens ouf of chicken house as while

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