Chimney Exhaust Outlet Fan


In the cold season, chimney exhaust outlet fan is an important equipment for the fresh air ventilation. It can create a negative pressure inside the shed house, then fresh air can enter into the house thought the inlets window and ceiling gaps, keep the inside house with controlled and sufficient air exchange volume, lower the air velocity and enhance the animals growth.


1.Create a more uniform temperature inside the house

2.Controlled air exchange volume to reduce heat lose

3.Fan speed adjustable to realize accurate controlling

4.Vertical air circulation can reduce the cross infection between animals


Model Diameter(mm) Air flow(m3/h) Power(Kw) Dimension(mm)
MS-18O 450 6280 0.3 ¢7500x3380
MS-24O 630 12000 0.37 ¢1125x2850
MS-32O 810 16500 0.75 ¢1400x3120
MS-36O 914 21500 0.75 ¢1400x3120

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