Cone Axial Fan

Cone axial fan

  1. Shape: streamlined design to match air flow, small wind resistance, more exhaust air
  2. Shell: Advanced RTM fiber glass technology, good weather resistance, strong anti-resonance ability, strong and firm, FRP anti-corrosion, life expectancy up to 30 years
  3. Fan blade: injection double 6 nylon, fish fin design, good deformation resistance, guaranteed ventilation and long service life
  4. Motor: Ip55F grade copper motor, high energy efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection
  5. V-belt: wear-resistant toothed V-belt design, anti-slip does not lose speed, with tensioner without manual adjustment, good airflow consistency
  6. Material: all aluminum alloy bracket, 304 stainless steel motor seat, stainless steel bolt, high standard configuration

Technical Data

Model 54’’ 50’’ 36’’ 24’’
Blade speed 615 rpm 603 rpm 706 rpm 880 rpm
Air volume 52500m³/h 45000m³/h 23300m³/h 12000m³/h
Motor 1.5Kw/IP55 1.1Kw/IP55 0.55Kw/IP55 0.37Kw/IP55
Reserve opening 1630x1630 1450x1450 1160x1160 720x720
Shell material RTM RTM SMC SMC
Blade material Enforced nylon Enforced nylon Enforced nylon Enforced nylon


  1. Both galvanized steel and fiber glass frame available for different anti-corrosion working environment
  2. Fan blade apply Krupp self-cleaning stainless steel,one type shape stamping process,excellent air volume capacity
  3. Repeated static and dynamic balance test to ensure stable running,small vibration, low noise
  4. The blinds are automatically opened and closed with the fan, blinds are tightly combined and the sealing effect is good

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