Fattening Crate

Description of Crate for finisher

Fattening crate is designed for finishing pigs. Due to the large size and groups, fattening crate owns the characteristics of high strength and large area

crate for finisher


crate for finisher

Technical Data

Dimensions 6.5*4.8*0.95mm
Fence Galvanized steel fence
Treatment Hot dip galvanized and polishing process
Floor Concrete floor
Feeder Stainless feeding trough
Drinker Stainless nipple drinker


  1. Robot welding, hot and cold galvanized inside and outside the tube, the field of anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, long service life
  2. Dry wet trough used in the fattening bed, so dry and wet separation at the same time supply pig feed and drinking wate

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