Gestation Crate

Gestation crate

Gestation crate is used for empty sows, pregnant sows,which can effectively avoid pregnant sow fight for food, biting, it is conducive to sow miscarriage, while it is also easy for quantitive feeding, watering, cleaning, and scouring.

Since the feeding, watering and fecal treatment are very concentrated, so weaning crate shares small footprint, less sewage generated, easy to achieve mechanized management.

Gestation crate design is also used for boars.

gestation crate

gestation crate

Technical Data

Dimensions 2.2x0.65x1.8m(Sow); 2.4x1.2x0.7m(Boar)
Crate Galvanized steel pipe/rod, stainless steel accessories
Treatment Hot dip galvanized and polishing process
Floor Galvanized steel bar weld floor/Concrete floor
Feeder Stainless feeding trough
Drinker Stainless nipple drinker


  1. Robot welding, high resistance to cracking and high durability
  2. Overall galvanized, anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, long service life
  3. Well maching, smooth appearance without burrs, effectively prevent scratches
  4. Double-door design, convenient artificial insemination


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