Plastic Slat Floor For Pig

Plastic slat floor for pig farms

it is convenient to collect the manure

Improve the environment air quality,

Reduce the disease occurance, ideal replacement choice for traditional  flooring

pig plastic slat floor

pig slat floor


Technical Data

Pig slat board size 400 * 600mm; 500 * 600mm; 600 * 600mm; 700 * 600mm
Chicken slat board size 500 * 700mm; 500 * 1200mm; 600 * 700mm; 700 * 700mm


  1. Light weight, easy to install and transport handling.
  2. Corrosion-resistant, especially in the high humidity environment more durable.
  3. Small temperature difference during day and night, good for chicks and piglets conservation.
  4. Easy assembling, support beam matching slat groove, installation and removal is very convenient.
  5. Anti-fal, surface scrub treatment, improve friction, prevent animal fall injury

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