Weaning Crate

Weaning crate

Weaning crate is called weaning stall, it is special designed to raising the new weaning piglets, usually the same nest piglets will stay in the same weaning crate.

single set weaning crate can keep 20 piglets; When weight is above 35 kg, the piglets will switch to fattening crate.

Weaning crate is mainly composed of galvanized steel frame, PVC fence, stainless steel trough, drinking device, plastic floor and supporting beam.

Generally, the adjacent area can share a double-sided stainless steel trough and PVC fence.

weaning crate

weaning crate


Technical Data

Dimensions 3.6x2.5x0.65m
Fence Galvanized steel fence/PVC panel
Treatment Hot dip galvanized and polishing process
Floor Plastic slat floor
Feeder Stainless feeding trough
Drinker Stainless nipple drinker


  1. Robot welding, the whole hot dip galvanized treatment, corrosion resistance, long service life.
  2. Flooring: semi-slit floor design, no stool and urine, keep the bed dry and hygienic; half-seam floor can work well with floor warm system
  3. All PVC fence, fence length and width ratio is 3: 2, the column can be opened and closed as a whole, PVC fence design both play a role in insulation and easy disinfection


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