Auger Feeding System

Auger feeding system

auger feeding line

Auger feeding is one commonly used feeding system in the the poutry farm, auger feeding system can be one single line, also can design into main feeding line and secondary feeding line according to farm conditions.

If the feeding distance is exceed the single auger feeding line limite, multi aguer feeding line can work togther as one relay system.

Auger feeding line system is mainly composed of feedl boots, auger, feed pipe, feed droper, feed hopper, level sensor, and the motor drive device.

Feed boots is the connection device between the silo and feedingl line , single feed boots can work with sinlge or multi feeding line, which can realize the single silo work with two houses or several feeding line.

Auger is the feed transmission core devices, its material is durable alloy from South Africal, several diameters auger available for different feeding capacity.

Feeding pipe can be galvanized pipe or PVC pipe, with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant features, stardnard applied pipe diameter is 45/60/70/90mm, one single straight auger feeding line distance can be up to 120 meters.

Feed droper is connected with feed pipe, distribute the feed from feed pipe to the feed hopper or feed chute.

Feed level sensor can accurately sense the material level of the chute, the dosing device and so on, cooperate with the control box to open or close the driving device in time to avoid the waste of feed.

Motor drive device is the feed line power unit, placed at the end of the feeding line, the motor drive the auger rotating inside the feed pipe to transport the feed continously.


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