Chain Feeding Line

Chain feeding line

Chain feeding line is also one commonly used feeding system in the the poultry farm.

Chain feeding line is one closed circuit design, drive box drive the chain move inside the circulated feed pipe, feed pipe and corner combined together into one cloased circuit.

Chain feeding line consists mainly of the feed boots, disc chain, feed pipe, feed droper, feed hopper, feed level sensor, and the drive box Feed boots connect the feed input and chain feeding line, feed is tranported and distributed through the closecircuit feed pipe.

Disc chain is made of round shape nylon disc and steel chain, nylon disc is wear resistance and steel chain is strong, durable working.

Feed pipe can be galvanized pipe or PVC pipe, with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant features, commonly used pipe diameter 60/70 / 90mm.

Feed droper is connected with feed pipe, distribute the feed from feed pipe to the feed hopper or feed chute.

Feed level sensor comes with a delay function. When the feed in the last dosing unit is full, the level sensor automatically senses and delays waiting for the last dome to close the drive.

Drive box drives the sprocket to drive the disc chain, vertical type and horizontal type available.

 chain disc feeding

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