How To Build A Breeder Ground & Slat Raising Farm

1.Location and breeder house

Location and breeder house

Breeder farms location should consider its environmental requirement, at the meanwhile, avoid the odour and manure from breeder farm pollute environment.

It should be more than 2 km from the commercial chicken farms, and no nearby noise and chemical factory. It should have enough water and electricity supply.

The chicken house size should be build according raising quantity, chicken house is divided ground part and slat part, the ground part can be mud or bedding with grass or husk etc. the slat part can be plastic slat floor. The proportion of slat part and ground is 6:4 or 2:1.The breeder raising density is 4.3/m2.

2.Chicken breeder raising equipment

2.1 Main feedline system

Main feedline system

The main feedline system includes silo and auger main feedline, driving unit, normally, the feeding pipe is PVC pipe.

The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection. realizes high standard automation of the entire farm.

2.2 Indoor feedline system

Indoor feedline system

The indoor feedline includes feed box, feed pipe and auger, feed pan, driving level sensor etc.

The automatic feeding line can control the breeder’s feeding quantity. The height of feeding line can be adjusted according to chicken in different period.

2.3 Automatic nipple drinking system

Automatic nipple drinking system

Automatic nipple drinking water system includes: Waterline front part, nipple drinking system, waterline suspension system, regulator, waterline end. The nipple drinker system can save water and keep water fresh.

2.4 Egg collection system

Egg collection system

Egg collection system has manual collection and automatic collection system. it can be according to customer’s requirement.

The nest has big space can have 4~5.5 breeder laying eggs at the same time, the bottom soft. The suitable design provides quiet and comfortable egg laying space for breeders.

The egg nest system can be arranged at two side of house or in tthe middle.

2.5 Slat Floor system

Slat Floor system

The plastic slat floor includes plastic floor, beam, supporting legs. Which is according to customer’s requirement.

It can keep breeders in a clean and comfortable environment, decrease the risk of bacterial infection and chicken feet disease.

2.6 Environmental Control Ventilation System

Environmental Control Ventilation System

Environmental Control Ventilation System 2

The growth of chickens need to have appropriate temperature and humidity, fresh air, adequate light, quiet environment. The temperature and humidity are the most important factors in the chicken house environment.

The most suitable temperature in the house is 18 ~ 23 ℃, the minimum should not be less than 7 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 30 ℃. Relative humidity maintained at 60% to 75%. If it is out of this range will seriously affect the breeder’s feeding and egg production.

The Environmental Control and Ventilation system can control and realize a suitable growing environment for chickens. It includes environmental controller, fans, ventilation windows, , cooling pad, curtains, lights, heating, etc.Environmental controller is the key part of the environmental control system.

It can control the operation of fans, ventilation windows, cooling pad, curtains, lights, heating, etc. by sensing the temperature or pressure of the air inside and outside the room.

Environmental Control Ventilation System 3