How To Start A Broiler Chicken Cage Raising Farm

1.Location and broilers house

Location and broilers house

The location of Broiler farm should consider its environmental requirement, at the meanwhile, avoid the odour and manure from broiler farm pollute environment It should have enough water and electricity supply.

The chicken house size should be build according raising quantity, it can be open type and closed type.

2.Raising equipment for Broiler farm

Raising equipment for Broiler farm

The cage raising broiler farm can fully use land and space, the raising density can increase 50%-100% compared to ground raising system.

It can equipped with automatic feeding, drinking, manure removing system, automatic chicken output system.

It can realize high efficient modern farm management, normally, the broilers farm has below system.

2.1 Broilers cage system

Broilers cage system

There are A type broiler cage and H type broilers cage which can be design different tiers according customer’s raising quantity.

The chicken cage is made of galvanized steel wires, there is additional plastic bottom net to protect chicken feet.

The H type chicken cage can equipped with automatic chicken output system.

2.2 Main feedline system

Main feedline system

The main feedline system includes silo and auger main feedline, driving unit, normally, the feeding pipe is PVC pipe.

The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection.

realizes high standard automation of the entire farm.

2.3. Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding

The automatic feeding has travelling crane feeding type and pan feeding type. After test, the travelling crane feeding type save more feedstuff.

Automatic feed feeding line is stable, the distribution of feed uniformity, unique design can reduce feed waste, easy to clean, low maintenance requirements.

2.4. Automatic Nipple Drinking System

Automatic Nipple Drinking System

Automatic nipple drinking water system includes: front end of waterline, nipple drinking system, regulator etc.

The system can save water and make broiler drink fresh water.

2.5. Automatic Manure Cleaning System

Automatic Manure Cleaning System

There are manure belt at each tier bottom, which can transport manure to horizontal belt at one end of chicken cage, so the manure can be moved out of chicken house.

It is high high-efficiency can keep broilers house clean.

2.6. Environmental Control and Ventilation system

Environmental Control and Ventilation system

The growth of chickens need to have appropriate temperature and humidity, fresh air, adequate light, quiet environment.

The temperature and humidity are the most important factors in the chicken house environment. The most suitable temperature in the house is 18 ~ 23 ℃, the minimum should not be less than 7 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 30 ℃. Relative humidity maintained at 60% to 75%.

If it is out of this range will seriously affect the broilers’s feeding. The Environmental Control and Ventilation system can control and realize a suitable growing environment for chickens.

It includes environmental controller, fans, ventilation windows, , cooling pad, curtains, lights, heating, etc.Environmental controller is the key part of the environmental control system.

It can control the operation of fans, ventilation windows, cooling pad, curtains, lights, heating, etc. by sensing the temperature or pressure of the air inside and outside the room