How To Build A Modern Piggery Farm

1.Location & Piggery house

Location & Piggery house

The location of piggery farm should have below features, convenient transportation, farm away to the urban areas and residential area, has sufficient power and water supply.

In the modern piggery farm, normally there are below function area like back-up pig house, boar house, breeder house, sow gestation house, sow farrowing house, piglet house, fattening pig house etc. Henan Hualuo Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd, as a top quality pig farming equipment manufacturer, can help you design a modern piggery farm.

design the piggery farm must consider the feeding method, pig slaughtering weight, pig manure handling and pig farm the future development plan. Therefore, it is extremely important to make good design for pig house and pig stalls.

2.Raising equipment for overall piggery farm

Raising equipment for overall piggery farm

2.1 Piggery stall system

Piggery stall system

The design of the piggery stall needs to consider pig quantity and managing method. Especially, the specification and layout of the piggery stall is another factor that greatly affects the design of the piggery house.

We have sow gestation crates, farrowing crates, wean crates, fattening crates. Boar crates etc Which can suitable for different kinds of pigs.

2.2 Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding system

The pig feed has dry feed and Liquid feed. The dry feeding system includes silo, feed transportation system and feeder.

The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection.

realizes high standard automation of the entire farm. The transportation line can be use auger or chain disk.

2.3 Pig Drinking system

Pig Drinking system

Modern pig farms generally uses duck-billed or nipple drinker considering of save water. Some of farm began to choose to use bowl-style drinker or trough drinking.

The drinking location design should be convenient to pig drinking.

The beginning of drinking system install medicator, Normally the suckling piglet and weaning piglet use duck-billed or nipple drinker, it can make sure the piglet drink fresh water, fattening pigs use bowl-style drinker or trough drinking, so that they can drink enough water.

We have different drinkers for bigs.

2.4 Pig floor system

Pig floor system

The floor system carries almost all aspects of pig’s life, it has an important influence on the health of the limbs and pig feet, the comfortableness of lying and the hygienic conditions of the living environment, etc.

The pig floors system includes cement floor, plastic floor, triangle steel floor, Cast iron floor, all kinds of flooring have different specifications for options.

2.5 Environmental Control and Ventilation system

Environmental Control and Ventilation system

Pig farm environment control is based on the growth needs of pigs, which provides comfortable temperature and ventilation for pig house.

At the same time, make harmful air, moisture, dust in the pig house out of pig house.

It ensure the uniformity of temperature and ventilation, the effects of cold stress or heat stress caused by uneven temperature and ventilation or large temperature changes can be effectively reduced, the welfare and health of pigs can be improved, and the feed digestion can be guaranteed the highest rate and utilization, thereby increasing the pigs growth rate, improve production efficiency.

The central controller is the core part of the environmental control system. It can control the operation of fans, ventilation windows, curtain, cooling pad, lights, heating and other devices by sensing the temperature or pressure of the indoor and outdoor air to achieve the ventilation modes in different seasons automatic control, for different pigs to provide suitable environmental conditions.

2.6 Pig Manure removing system

Pig Manure removing system

Pig manure removing system use automatic scraper to clear manure, simple operation, scraping manure clean, high efficiency, effective saving manpower and material resources.