How To Start A Pig Farm

Location and pig farm house size

Location and pig farm house size Location and pig farm house size 2

In selecting the location of the pig farm , there must be a balance of market, land costs, labor costs, safety and the need for good water supplies.

It is not recommended to keep pig farm near rivers or streams as it may cause contamination unless the farm has harmless treatment system.

The main feedline system includes silo and auger main feedline, driving unit, normally, the feeding pipe is PVC pipe.

The closed design and automatic feeding system improves management efficiency of the management and reduce the cross infection. realizes high standard automation of the entire farm.

Pig house environment system

Pig house environment system

1.Environment control system

There are some important influence factors for pig growth include appropriate temperature and humidity, fresh air, Moderate light and quiet environment.

In order to keep the suitable growth environment, we need the “brain” for pig house, control system.

The most suitable temperature in the house

  • The type of pig The optimum temperature
  • Boar 17-21 ℃
  • Pregnant sow 18-21 ℃
  • Lactating sows 20-22 ℃
  • Piglets 29-33 ℃
  • Weaning pigs 22-25 ℃
  • Fattening pigs 19-22 ℃

2.Ventilation and cooling system

Ventilation and cooling system Ventilation and cooling system 2

The key for the ventilation system is to satisfy the pig need for oxygen and ensure that the fresh air is well distributed throughout the house.

In addition ventilation system with the wet curtain under the control of environment controller achieve cooling.

About the pig crate

1.Farrowing crate

Farrowing crate

The farrowing crate is designed for Sow childbirth and feed piglets,which can effectively avoid the occurrence of Sow stampede piglets.

At the same time, the farrowing crate can provide a cool environment for the sow and provide a warm environment for the piglets.

2.Gestation crate

Gestation crate

Gestation crate used for empty sows, pregnant sows, which can effectively avoid pregnant sow fight for food, biting, it is conducive to sow, and it is also easy for quantitative feeding, watering, cleaning, and scouring. Gestation crate design is also used for boars.

3.Weaning crate

Weaning crate

Weaning crate is also called weaning stall, it is specially designed to raising the new weaning piglets, usually the same nest piglets will stay in the same weaning crate, single set weaning crate can keep 20 piglets; When weight is above 35 kg, the piglets will switch to fattening crate.

4.Fattening crate

Fattening crate

Fattening crate is mainly composed of galvanized steel frame, Ductile iron floor,drinking device and supporting beam.

And it is designed for finishing pigs. Due to the large size and groups, fattening crate owns the characteristics of high strength and large area.

Feed silo

Feed silo

To keep the feed fresh, the feed silo will hold three days of feed for pig.There is a ventilate hole at the top of the silo, timely discharge the heat air and avoid the feed turning mildew.

Double side dip galvanized with passivation , it can keep 15 years not rust.

Impermeable membrane storage process has the below advantages:

  1. Relatively closed storage process can reduce the nitrogen loss.
  2. Sewage and rain separation, the effective use of storage capacity, reduce costs.
  3. No pollution to groundwater and soil, significantly reduce odor.