Sow Farming Project

1. Requirement of pig farm address choosing

Requirement of pig farm address choosing

The general requirements of topography are neat and broad to make full use of the reasonable layout of the site and buildings.

Combination of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Convenient transportation is very important for pig farms.

The scale of anti - epidemic pig farms should be far away from urban areas, residential areas and transportation routes.

Water and power.Pig farms must have a reliable source of reliable quality, reliable quality and no pollution.

2. Pig farm integral Design&Equipment

Pig pen, fence system, ventilation system environmental protection system, automatic feeding system, automatic defecation system, epidemic prevention and quarantine system.

In the whole process of farm construction, any device can not play the biggest role, only the overall reasonable combination, improve the pig production efficiency, the technology is dominant.

The technology here refers not only to the technology of single equipment manufacturing, but also to the whole hog farm design technology system and feeding technology system.

It can be said that technology is the decisive factor in determining the success or failure of pig farms. The whole system is the basic equipment of the pig farm and the basic production unit of pig farm.

Pig farm integral Design&Equipment

3. Feeding system

Hot dip galvanized silo

Hot galvanizing towers adopting international advanced technology, with CNC equipment production, high precision, stability of the product can reach the international standard, the Angle of the unique design makes the material more smoothly, using hot galvanized steel sheet, a molding Z275 hot galvanized sheet thickness design is 1.2 mm.

The tower has different specifications of tonnage, surface coating insulation, good sealing performance。

Hot dip galvanized silo

The silo has the following features

  1. International high-end steel warehouse standard.
  2. Domestic famous special grade galvanized sheet.
  3. Double-side galvanized layer 275g/m2,the evenness of the steel thickness is high,ensure 15 years not rust.
  4. The whole design is scientific and reasonable;whole modeling manufacture.
  5. The cone design of the tower is designed to vent the heat in the warehouse and avoid the mildew.

Flex auger feeding system

Flex auger feeding system

The characteristic is the ration bucket can make the system quantitative feed.

It can be used to make the sows timely and quantitatively, to avoid feeding when feeding and feeding, the female pig stress, and control the feeding amount of the sows, so that the feeding can be fully automated.

4. Environment control system

Longitudinal ventilation

It is mainly used for cooling and ventilating in summer.

The wet curtain material can provide a lot of wet surface after the water curtain. In the exhaust condition of the fan, the room is under negative pressure, forcing outdoor air to pass through the wet curtain.

Because wet curtain surface vapor pressure is greater than unsaturated air water vapor partial pressure, thus wet shade on the surface of the water evaporates, absorb a large number of sensible heat, resulting in a decline in the dry bulb temperature of the entering the piggery air

Transverse ventilation

Mainly used in winter, the purpose of ventilation is not to cool down, but to satisfy the minimum breathing amount of pigs.The main methods include two forms: side wall ventilation and trench ventilation.

vertical ventilation

When the temperature is low, ensure the air intake is even, enter the preheated fresh air into the pigpen, and remove the harmful gas and the water vapor in the house, and keep the insulation as much as possible.

When the temperature is high, ensure the air intake is uniform, and the cool fresh air is entered into the house to remove the harmful gas and the high temperature inside the house.

Cooling pad

The product contains surfactant, natural water absorption, rapid diffusion and lasting effect.

A drop of water can spread over 4 ~ 5 seconds, and the natural suction height is 60 ~ 70mm / 5min; 200mm / 1.5h, it completely achieve the international standards.

Glass fiber ventilation fan

Environment controller is mainly used for closed corral risk control system, according to the temperature humidity sensor signal, through the ventilation and heat the water, will be set at a temperature humidity control range, ensure the needs of the growth of livestock and poultry.

5. Manure disposal&making organic fertilizer

The system realizes the minimization of breeding waste discharge by means of rain pollution separation, urethral fecal method and water-saving technology, fecal management, precise feeding, feeding trough design, etc.