What can MUS AGRO do for you?

A: Overall swine farm primary layout designing

B: Overall automation equipment choosing and selecting

C: Overall equipment manufacturing ,supplying and commissioning

Swine farm with different raising stages and houses

1.Farrow to wean: raise from sow, end to starter

2.Farrow to feeder: raise from sow, end to grower

3.Farrow to finish: raise from sow, end to finisher

4.Feeder to finish: raise from grower, end to finisher

Sample Farrow to Feeder Sow Farm Design

piggery farm china

piggery farm

Swine Farm Photo Galary

Feed storage silo system

Boar and gilt house

Mating and gestating house

Farrowing house

Weaning house

Finishing house

Feeding and watering system

Fooring system 

Ventilation and climate control system

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