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Sow Ad-Lib feeder


What is sow Ab-lib feeder?

Sow Ad-lib feeder is one new sow free feeding device in the farrowing pen, it is installed on the top of the flip feed bowl, the breeding sow in the farrowing pen can take the feeds anytime she likes

The sow Ad-lib feeder can drop set volume feeds everytime the breeding sow touch the feeder sensors,which can incrase the breeding sow feed intakes and reduce the feeds wasting

 sow Ad-Lib feeder

Why use sow Ad-lib feeder?

How to improve the feed intake of sows in the delivery house has always been one of the most concerned issues for farmers. The characteristic of good pig farm management is that the sows at all stages can maintain perfect physical condition, among which the performance of sows in the delivery house is particularly important, because good sows will make the piglets healthier.
The feeding of sows in the delivery room affects the production performance of piglets and sows, as well as the estrous interval and conception rate after weaning. Therefore, we must pay attention to the feeding of sows in the delivery room, so that the sows can reach the maximum feed intake as soon as possible after delivery, so as to maximize the lactation of sows and the growth of piglets, and minimize the weight loss of sows.

The advantages of sow Ad-Lib feeder

1.Improve the breeding sow intakes and  litter rate
2.Increase weaning weight of piglets
3.Shorten the interval from weaning to oestrus
4.Reduce the nutrition cost during pregnancy
5.Prolong the service life of sows

 sow Ad-Lib feeder

The working principle of sow Ad-lib feeder

There is one hopper in the top of the Sow Ad-lib feeder, which can hold very 10 liters feeds volume, the feeds drop from the doser will be storage in this hopper.
There is one mechanical valve with one probe rod, which can be easily touched by the sows, when the sows touch the probe rod, the valve will be opened, the feeds will drop to the bowl for sow food in-taking;
The feed drop volume can be adjusted by the valve, which can be set according to the different breeding sows, reduce the feed wasting

Sow Ad-lib feeder production by Mus Agro

sow feeder

Mus Agro factory has one complete production line for the mass production of the sow Ad-lib feeder, like plastic hopper injection, stainless steel plate laser cutting, automatic bending, and welding equipment, the month sow Ad-lb feeder production capacity is up to 5000 sets.
In the ware house, Mus Agro has sufficient stocks sow Ad-lb feeder for sale, we welcome dealers contact us, OEM and ODM service is available by Mus Agro


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